How to Start the Divinity Exotic Quest in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Divinity Quest Start

The Vex Offensive is officially underway and there are hordes of angry robots pouring out of the Black Garden. While many will be focusing on the new raid that just launched, others will want to grab the new Exotic quest for the Divinity. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to trigger this quest, even if you are playing by yourself. This Exotic is not a random drop from the raid, so don’t worry about having to rely on RNG.

To start the Divinity Exotic quest, head to the Lunar Battleground on the Moon. You can access this area by landing at Sorrow’s Harbor and following the path to the right. Once you reach the cliff, go across the red bridge until you reach the Lunar Battleground. After arriving, go to the left into the cave. Follow the path until you reach the entrance to the new raid.

When you approach the gate, hordes of Vex will begin to spawn in. There will be three waves, but you don’t need to kill every single one. We suggest bringing a good mob clearing weapon such as an auto rifle, SMG, or machine gun. Keep killing them until a large Minotaur spawn. This boss is pretty weak, so save your super until this enemy arrives. Slaying this foe will cause the Exotic quest, Divine Fragmentation, to drop on the ground. Picking this up will trigger the quest and you can start hunting down a new weapon!

Now you’ll need to go visit three Lost Sectors on Nessus. Here’s where each of the constructs are located for the Divine Fragmentation.

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