5 The King of Fighters ALLSTAR Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

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It may have taken a while for American gamers to get their hands on The King of Fighters ALLSTAR, but it’s finally here!

SNK’s most popular array of 2D fighting game icons have made it to mobile in a new action-packed beat ’em up. Characters such as Terry Bogard, Kyo Kusanagi, Rugal Bernstein, King and a host of other street brawlers come together to beat down hordes of baddies all over the world. You’ll confront all sorts of AI-controlled baddies, other players’ parties, and even helpless trees/cars during outlandish bonus stages! There’s so much to see and do within SNK’s latest mobile gaming phenomenon, which is why we’ve compiled a list of essential tips for your King of Fighters adventure.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for The King of Fighters ALLSTAR:

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The King of Fighters All Star

Netmarble Corporation

• Don’t let the perceived simplicity of this beat ’em up fool you – this game is a lot deeper than you’d expect. Each character has access to a varied assortment of attacks that can lead to big combo opportunities. Whenever you choose to play manually, get in tune with your favorite characters’ moveset as you make your way through the game’s myriad battle types.

• Starting off with a basic combo is always preferable. Whenever you choose to pull off a special move, do one of two things – pull off an attack that puts your opponent (s) into the air so you can perform an air combo with a basic combo assist, an added special attack, and a super move to finish it off. Or you can choose to land a special attack and while the enemy you’re brutalizing is kept in place, switch to another character and keep the combo going with their offensive options. Once you’re confronted by the big boss of an area, you should rely a lot more on your “Striker” and be sure to finally call out your chosen “Supporter.” Saving these two-party assistants for boss battles is always the way to go.

2. Play it Smart With Your Party Formation

The King of Fighters All Star

Netmarble Corporation

• Whenever you’re in the process of putting together a squad, you’ll want to make sure they’re associated with each other in some sort of special manner. If all three characters in your party are all male, all female or all from the very same King of Fighters game, they’ll earn a team boost of some kind.

• You should also make sure all three of your current party members have a different color affiliation applied to them – heading into battle with a varied roster and at least one character who’s color affinity makes them stronger than the enemies you’re about to confront is a game-winning strategy. The same rule applies to whoever you select as a Supporter – make sure their color affiliation gives you an advantage over the next set of enemies you’re about to run into. As for selecting Strikers, be on the lookout for a character who can provide a “Relation Effect” to the character they’re attached to.

• If you need a primer on character color class strengths/weaknesses, check out the breakdown posted below:

– Red is strong against Green, but weak against Blue
– Green is strong against Yellow, but weak against Red
– Yellow is strong against Purple, but weak against Green
– Purple is strong against Blue, but weak against Yellow
– Blue is strong against Red, but weak against Purple

3. It’s Time to Start Leveling Up!

The King of Fighters All Star

Netmarble Corporation

• Whenever you come into the possession of new characters, you should immediately boost their stats with an entire collection of one of your EXP material potion types. Then just go down the line of new fighters you want to level up and dump a single type of your EXP material potion into each one.

• Be sure to save your “Emerald Core” items and gold for unlocking your favorite characters’ stat boosts and new moves via the “Core Board.” When it comes to increasing a character’s “Affinity,” you should only reward them with their preferred food types (you can pick out their favorite foods just by checking out the pink smiley face icon near a consumable item). And once you’re ready to start equipping “Battle Cards” to your best fighters, go crazy and follow your gut when it comes to selecting the strongest ones!

4. Summoning Tactics

The King of Fighters All Star

Netmarble Corporation

• You’ll quickly find out that “Rubies” are the most prized form of currency in the game. You’ll acquire them through several means, such as completing all three of the tasks applied to a mission, completing a mission for the very first time, beating a bonus stage, etc.

• Be sure to rack up enough Rubies for the “Summon x10” option for “Fighter Summons” on a daily basis. Getting your hands on 10 fighters at once gives you the chance to earn brand new fighters and earn several “First-time Recruitment Rewards.” Plus if you gain multiples of a character you already have, they’ll be transformed into souls that help strengthen the one you actually keep on your roster. You should also earn enough Rubies to take advantage of the “Step Up!” Fighter Summon option and “Friendship Points” for the “Friendship Summon. Earning Friendship points can be done by collecting them as a reward for completing tasks within the “Welcome Festival” mission tab.

5. Follow the “Growth Mission” Requests, Always Complete Your Daily Missions, and Log In on a Daily Basis to Collect Your Rewards

The King of Fighters All Star

Netmarble Corporation

• You’ll always peep the Growth Mission sidebar on the main menu whenever you’re in the middle of doing anything. Keep it open so you can follow its requests – the tasks it asks you to complete pretty much streamlines your gameplay progress and makes the game’s overwhelming amount of battle options easier to comprehend.

• When it comes to fulfilling your Daily Missions, complete all of them on a daily basis so you can claim all sorts of goodies and walk away with some extra Rubies. Also, be sure to log in every day even when you’re not in the mood to play – just collect your login items and log out soon after if you’d like. Be sure to stay on top of your completed Welcome Festival missions as well so you can get your hands on even more rewards. And finally, put those “Roulette Event Tickets” to good use before you log off for the day. Earn as many of them as you can, then put them towards spinning the prize wheel within the “Roulette Event” before its event timer eventually expires.

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