How to Unlock Every Companion in The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds Unlock Companions

Just like the Mass Effect or Fallout franchise, The Outer Worlds allows the player to run around the game with up to two different companions. These allied NPCs will not only attack enemies but open up unique dialogue interactions depending on where you go. All of them have a special ability, perks, and enhances that make them quite valuable when exploring the solar system. However, not all of them are unlocked as you progress through the story and some can be completely missed on your first playthrough.

Here’s how to obtain all six crew members in The Outer Worlds:

1. Parvati

The first companion you encounter will be Parvati. Located in Edgewater,  you’ll meet her when you first encounter Reed in his tower during the “Stranger in a Strange Land” quest. Reed will mention that you should bring Parvati and if you agree, she will join your party. However, it isn’t until you complete the full Edgewater campaign arc that Parvati will ask to become a permanent member of the Unreliable.

2. Vicar Max

Vicar Max is an easy companion to miss since you are only off-handedly mentioned to visit him during the “Comes Now the Power” quest. After speaking with Reed you will be given the option to go talk to the Vicar. He will explain that he is hunting a rare book and will ask you to retrieve it for him. This will kick off the quest “The Illustrated Manual,” which has you hunting a rare book across the Emerald Vale. Finishing this quest and speaking with the Vicar will open up the option for him to join your crew.

3. Ellie

A personal favorite, Ellie becomes available once you gain access to the Groundbreaker space ship a few hours into the game. Once onboard, head to the medical wing in the main shopping area and speak with the woman arguing with someone. Ellie will explain that she needs you to go check on her friend Jessie. Completing the “Worst Contact,” quest will give you the option to recruit Ellie when you speak to her.

4. Felix

This companion is impossible to miss as it’s tied directly to your actions in the main story. After you complete the main quest on the Groundbreaker – Passage to Anywhere – Felix will be waiting by the door of your ship. He will plead to join your crew and you’ll be given the option to bring him aboard or leave him stranded on the Groundbreaker.

5. SAM

Prefer the company of machines over people? Once you gain access to the Unreliable and power it up, you can speak to ADA about the robot up by the crew members’ cabins. We aren’t 100% sure if you need to examine the robot beforehand, so go upstairs in the ship and inspect the rundown robot next to Parvati’s room. Talking with ADA will earn you “The Cleaning Machine” side quest. Complete this quest and you will reboot this bot, allowing you to take him out into the field.

6. Nyoka

Another story-focused companion, Nyoka is available at the beginning of the Monarch story. During the “Radio Free Monarch” quest, you’ll be tasked with speaking to Nyoka in a bar. You’ll need to help her out by getting some Passion Pills first before she agrees to join you on the quest. All of this is tied to the overall mission so it’s impossible to miss. Once you deliver her Passion Pills, Nyoka will join your crew.

Remember, you can only take two crew members out with you at any time and they can be kicked off your team whenever you want. If a Companion dies in battle they aren’t lost forever, as their health will regenerate after winning the fight. Make sure to check what each companion brings to your team and use them to balance any weakness your build may have.

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