Where to Find the Vex Offensive Portals in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Vex Offensive Location

The Vex Offensive in Destiny 2 has officially begun! Part of the Season of the Undying, this mechanical menace has started to invade the solar system. Currently live, there is a selection of new weapons and bounties tied to this activity. However, this activity isn’t always active and you’ll need to do a bit of waiting before you hop into this massive battle with the Vex. Here’s where you can find the Vex Offensive attacks and what to expect from the encounter.

You can find the Vex Offensive incursion points by looking at the Destination map of whatever planet you’re on. If there is a Goblin symbol next to the patrol zone, that means the Vex can and eventually will invade this location. Like Public Events, these offensives will take a few minutes to spawn. Once you see a massive white portal spawn in the air, you’ll know that the encounter has begun. On the Moon, you can find the Vex Offensive attacks at the Hellmouth, Archer’s Line and Anchor of Light.

This activity revolves around hordes of Vex that spawn from these portals. You will be tasked with slaying the large Minotaur that’s dubbed a Gatelord. Killing this Minotaur will despawn the rest of the Vex and they will open another portal somewhere in that patrol zone. This will repeat until a massive Vex boss called an Overlord spawns with another army of Vex.

Killing the Vex Overlord is the final goal of the offensive as it will drop a ton of loot, including a powerful drop. This Legendary Engram will either be a piece of the Rank 1 Season Pass armor or any of the new Vex Offensive weapons. Keep in mind, this event is timed and the Overlord will vanish if you don’t kill him fast enough. Because of this, we recommend focusing solely on the Overlord during the fight. Once he’s dead, run to his corpse and collect your hard-earned loot!

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