How to Get Weapon & Armor Parts in The Outer Worlds

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As you progress through The Outer Worlds’ dangerous universe, you’ll come across a variety of weapons and armor. Used to defend yourself from hostile, every piece can be repaired, modified, or upgraded to improve its performance. However, if you want to restore your gear then you’ll have to use Weapon Parts and Armor Parts, both of which can be pretty scarce if you like to sell everything. Given how critical these consumables are, you’ll want to make sure you always have a small stash available for when your gear inevitably breaks.

You can get Weapon and Armor Parts a variety of different ways, but the most consistent method is by deconstructing loot you don’t want. By breaking down armor or weapons you’ll get a small handful of parts that will be instantly added into your inventory. The better the condition the item is in, the more parts you will obtain. Typically, we averaged between 4-6 parts per weapon or armor piece.

Additionally, you can also find these items out in the wild or from certain vendors. Yet, breaking down gear is far and away the most efficient method of farming Weapon and Armor Parts. After firefights, we strongly recommend you scavenge any weapons or supplies you come across. This will give you more items to dismantle and soon you’ll have a nice stockpile of Weapon Parts and Armor Parts. It’s rare that you’ll need to hold onto extra guns, so don’t hesitate to turn them into parts. With the exception of Science or special named weapons, you should be either selling or breaking down every firearm you come across.

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