Dead by Daylight Cursed Legacy Chapter Release Date

Dead by Daylight Cursed Legacy Release Date


On November 19, BHVR dropped a trailer for Dead by Daylight introducing then new chapter, officially titled Cursed Legacy, that brings both the Oni and Kimura Yui to the game.

What was even better, the same day the trailer dropped, it was released onto the PTB. This gave players who own the game on PC the chance to try out the new killer and survivor before they officially release.

This PTB was filled with its share of bugs, notably on Haddonfield where certain doorways would be completely blocked. While those issues will no doubt be ironed out in time for the official release, none of that matters until we get an official release date.

As for the new perks, there are a couple of interesting ones, with perhaps the most intriguing one giving players the option to reset downed pallets.

When Does Cursed Legacy Come Out?

When Does Dead by Daylight Cursed Legacy Come Out

When Does Dead by Daylight Cursed Legacy Come OutHere’s when we can expect Cursed Legacy to release in Dead by Daylight.

According to the LeaksbyDaylight Twitter page, the new chapter will be coming out December 3, which would line up with the normal cadence of two weeks after it arrives on the PTB.

This Twitter page has been on the money with leaks before so there’s no reason not to expect it to be accurate once again.

The chapters tend to release on the same day across every platform as of late, but issues have cropped up from time to time. One platform to keep an eye on would be the Nintendo Switch as the Archives update arrived much later there than it did on other platforms.

This is a common problem with many Nintendo Switch games as patches take longer for just about every third-party game.

Rest assured that the update will arrive on the Switch, but when it happens might be a little more up in the air.

Dead by Daylight is out now on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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