How to Earn the Enlightened Title in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Enlightened title

With the release of Shadowkeep, a ton of new content has been added for Destiny 2  players to enjoy. While many will be chasing down new guns, Exotics, and quests, others will focus on obtaining the three new titles that arrived with Season of the Undying. Perhaps the hardest of the three is Enlightened, which strictly revolves around the Garden of Salvation raid. This makes it quite tricky since you will also be relying on five other teammates for the vast majority of these triumphs.

So equip your Izanagi’s Burden and break out your Well of Radiance, because it’s time to earn the Enlightened title.

1. Beat the Garden of Salvation Raid

Destiny 2 Undying Title

The first step towards this title is beating the Garden of Salvation raid. Perhaps one of the most difficult raids in Destiny 2, this activity is broken up across four separate encounters and one major jumping section. Starting at 890 Light, the final encounter ends at 940 Light, so we suggest being at least 940 before going into this raid. It will make your experience much easier, especially if you’re brand new.

2. Clan Night, Divinity, & Hidden Chests

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Armor 2.0 Mods

After you’ve beaten the Garden of Salvation, it’s time to start working on some of the major triumphs. The first one should be obtaining the Divinity Exotic, which is started by visiting the raid entrance while on Patrol. What follows is a fairly lengthy quest that involves a bit of puzzle-solving in the raid. Thankfully, unlike previous raid Exotics, there’s no RNG tied to obtaining this weapon. We recommend using Youtuber Datto’s guide on how to solve the different puzzles.

As you’re progressing through your multiple playthroughs of this raid, make sure to grab the hidden chests. There are two in this raid, so you’ll need to run the Garden of Salvation a minimum of 5 times to unlock this triumph. The first one is right after the opening encounter in the underground jumping section. When you jump down the large hole head to the left towards the metal constructs. You should see an elevator going up and down. Directly below it, there’s a small hole that leads to a hidden chest.

You can find the second chest after the third encounter, right before you have to jump across the lake of Vex Milk. The chest sits on a branch in the large, hollowed-out tree on the left of this jumping section’s entrance. Additionally, you will also need to join a clan and complete the Clan Night triumph, which tasks you with finishing the Garden of Salvation with all clan members.

3. Beat the Raid With Every Element

Destiny 2 Ascendant Shards

Now that you have a handle for the raid, you will need to beat every encounter in it with everyone using the same elemental class. This means you’ll need to run the raid three times, each with the fireteam using all Arc, Void, and Solar. Solar and Void are easy enough, but Arc will be the real challenge since there’s no damage buffs or debuffs. If you’re on PC, you can try having everyone swap to the same elemental subclass at the end of the encounter before the chest spawns. This is because the encounter checks your class when you beat it, not when you start the encounter.

4. Finish the Static Raid Challenges

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Seasonal Artifact

Unlike previous raids, the Garden of Salvation boasts both static and weekly rotating challenges. These vary wildly in difficulty, ranging from remarkably simple to downright frustrating. Here’s a brief overview of how to complete the four static raid challenges available:

Voltaic Tether – First Encounter

For this challenge, you are only allowed to tether to the box while under the effects of the Voltaic Overflow buff. This means when the encounter starts do not open the first door and have the three people going into the next room get the buff and unlock the second door. As long as you manage your buffs and keep an eye on the timer you should have no issues completing this triumph.

Repulsion Theory – Second Encounter

In order to complete Repulsion Theory, you can only tether from the box to the tower if you don’t have the Enlightened buff. This means you’ll need to wait for the timer to run out before you can tether and reobtain the Enlightened buff. While this may a few new tries, all it really requires is that your fireteam finds a new rhythm for completing this encounter.

Relay Rally – Third Encounter

To complete the Relay Rally triumph you will have to kill enemies without the Enlightened buff. All you have to do for this buff is have two people on the mote deposit point, so someone can kill the Goblins after their shields are broken. A person with the Enlightened buff can do damage, just not land the killing blow. Keep in mind, whoever tethers to start the encounter will have the Enlightened buff, so make sure some players don’t obtain this at the very beginning.

Stop Hitting Yourself – Fourth Encounter

Finally, the fourth static challenge tasks your fireteam with killing 20 Goblins with the building mechanic. Whenever the Sanctified Mind or you build a platform it will kill anything that’s on that section of the arena. You will need to fill up one of the two towers so Goblins won’t sacrifice themselves to it and then let the boss strip every piece of the arena. Now just let the Goblins stack up near that tower and then quickly rebuild it to kill all the enemies around it.

5. Complete the Weekly Challenges

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Review

Alongside the static challenges, there are weekly ones that are on a constant rotation. Most of these are fairly simple and should only require minor changes from your team. If you’re unsure which challenge is active, make sure to visit’s handy weekly reset guide! For those seeking a detailed strategy on how to beat each challenge, visit our guides linked under each section.

Leftovers – First Encounter

To complete Leftovers all you have to do not kill the Cyclopses that spawn in the rooms where the Consecrated Mind deposits the Voltaic Overflow charge. Any Cyclops at the end or when you’re trying to unlock a room can be destroyed.

Here’s our guide on how to finish the Leftovers challenge.

A Link to the Chain – Second Encounter

A Link to the Change tasks players with always tethering from the boxes to the tower at the same time. This means you’ll always have to communicate when everyone is tethering otherwise you will fail this challenge. Far and away this is the most complicated challenge, as it requires your team to move and kill with haste.

Here’s our guide on how to finish the A Link to the Chain challenge.

To The Top – Third Encounter

A relatively easy challenge, to beat To The Top you’ll be required to only deposit 10 motes at a time in the tower. If you deposit any less than 10 you will fail the challenge, so completing this triumph entirely rests on the mote team.

Here’s our guide on how to finish the To The Top challenge.

Zero To One Hundred – Fourth Encounter

Certainly the most difficult of the four challenges, Zero to One Hundred tasks players with filling up each tower to 30 motes within a second or two of the first deposit. Since it’s too slow for four people to bank before the challenge fails, you’ll need three people with 10 motes a piece. This requires everyone to be quite proficient at killing enemies as quickly as possible to ensure that you return before Enlightened enemies arrive.

Here’s our guide on how to finish the Zero To One Hundred challenge.

6. Complete a Flawless Garden of Salvation

Destiny 2 Leviathan's Breath Quest

If you want to unlock the Enlightened title then you will need to beat the Garden of Salvation without anyone dying. This is easier said than done, as a single death – even in the jumping sections – will require a complete reset. We recommend that you do not go for any challenges during a flawless run. You won’t want to burden yourself with any other requirements other than staying alive. Keep in mind there is no triumph for this, but beating the raid without dying will earn you a shader that is required to complete the Garden of Salvation badge.

Having finally gone flawless myself (after far too many attempts) here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Dying at any point negates the Flawless Triumph
  • Have pre-determined roles before each encounter
  • For jumping sections, have one player go by himself so they can pull the entire time into the encounter.
  • Top tree Dawnblade is great for this since you can use your Super to save a poorly-timed jump.
  • Avoid accidental suicides by never using grenade or rocket launchers.
  • Izanagi’s Burden + Catalyst helps make the boss fights a little easier.
  • During the Sanctified Mind fight, don’t build unless it’s absolutely necessary.
  • For tethering to the boss, have a fourth person predetermined so they can assist if someone is heavily damaged.

7. Complete the Garden of Salvation Badge

Destiny 2 Leftovers Garden of Salvation Challenge

In order to unlock the Enlightened title, you will need to earn all the loot available in the Garden of Salvation raid. This includes the armor pieces, shaders, weapons, emblem, and Divinity exotic. So far, the only item we do not know how to obtain is the Ancient Believer shader, as there’s been no word on how to unlock this. Our theory is you either need to complete every challenge associated with the raid or there’s a hidden secret hidden within that hasn’t been discovered.

Here’s everything you need to earn:

  • Garden of Salvation Armor Set
  • Reckless Oracle – Auto Rifle
  • Accrued Redemption – Bow
  • Ancient Gospel – Hand Cannon
  • Sacred Provenance – Pulse Rifle
  • Zealot’s Reward – Fusion Rifle
  • Prophet of Doom – Shotgun
  • Omniscient Eye – Sniper Rifle
  • Divinity – Exotic Trace Rifle
  • Inherent Truth – Raid Emblem
  • Ancient Believer  – Unknown
  • Ancient Defender – Flawless Raid

Keep in mind, you only need to obtain these items on a single character, so don’t worry about getting a full armor set on each of your Guardians. Once you have acquired everything on that list, you will complete the badge and associated triumph.

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