Everwild: Everything We Know So Far About Rare’s New IP

Everwild Rare IP


During X019 livestream, Rare announced the upcoming update to Sea of Thieves, Seabound Soul, but other than that, they also announced plans for a brand-new IP called Everwild.

There’s not a whole of information available yet as we just received the barebones announcement, but it’s still something to look forward to as we see if Rare can build off the recent success of Sea of Thieves.

The devs say they are focused on creating a new experience that will allow for new ways to play in both a natural and magical word. They don’t want it to just be a new IP, but they want it to be something that’s more special than that.

Everwild Rare

MicrosoftEverwild is a brand-new IP from Rare.

We know Rare has the ability to create new and interesting things, which is why it was such a shame to see them stuck on simply Kinect games for much of their Xbox 360 development.

Everwild is still very early into development so there’s not much to share in terms of a release date, but it’s sounding like it’ll be a next-gen title since we’re close to the launch of Project Scarlett.

If you’re worried that this means Rare will be stopping development on Sea of Thieves as a result of this new game, then you can put those fears to rest. Sea of Thieves is in an excellent state and Rare doesn’t seem like they have any plans to abandon it now.

Rare explained they have two separate teams to develop each of the games so both will be important going forward.

With Everwild being considered a new IP, it sounds like Rare has plans on developing this one with the idea of having multiple sequels. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out as development moves along. For the time being, we’ll have to stick with Sea of Thieves for our fix of Rare.

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