Grounded: Obsidian Reveals New Co-op Survival Game

Grounded Release Date

Hot on the heels of The Outer Worlds’ success, developer Obisidian Entertainment has announced their latest upcoming game, Grounded. Revealed during the Inside Xbox stream by senior programmer Roby Atadero and studio design director Josh Sawyer, Grounded is a co-op survival game set to release in Spring 2020. Coming digitally to Xbox One and Steam, Grounded was developed by a small team at Obsidian and has been described as a passion project for the developers.

Grounded takes place in a suburban back yard and revolves around the player being shrunken to the size of an ant. Either solo or with friends, you’ll need to scavenge, build, and survive this harsh, micro-sized world. Players will come into contact with both peaceful and aggressive insects that you’ll be able to interact with or kill. You will also be able to complete missions, but details on this are still unknown. This title will implement both survival and RPG elements.

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In the new trailer, we get a glimpse at this stylized world that is definitely going for a more cartoonish art style. In the footage, we see that the gameplay is from a first-person perspective and players can freely craft in the terrain, build armor, and cook food. We also can swim, craft torches, cut down grass, and make a vareity of different weapons like bows or clubs. Enemies consist of  insects like ants, stinkbugs, and a massive spider – because this wasn’t nightmarish enough.

Grounded is set to release in Spring 2020 for Xbox One and PC.

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