How to Change Your Hairstyle in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Pokemon Sword & Shield Change Hair Style

Being the best Pokemon trainer in the Galar region isn’t just about raising a small army of powerful pocket monsters. Okay, it’s mainly about that, but you’ll want to look the part too! When you start Pokemon Sword & Shield you will only have a few default character models to choose from. Thankfully, once you progress to the first major city you’ll unlock the ability to visit the barber and style your hair. There are a lot of unique styles and colors you can use, which will really help differentiate your trainer from others.

Once you’ve progressed through the prologue and reached Motostoke, you’ll be able to visit the Hair Salon in the main market place. When you enter the city, head down the main road and enter the second shop on your right. Speak to the woman at the counter and select Hair. You’ll have another menu open which features all the hairstyles and colors that are available.

To see what it looks like, just scroll over it and watch your hair magically change on the left – if only it was that easy in real life. Once you select the hairstyle and color combination you want, confirm your selection to have your trainer’s look change. You can also alter your trainer’s makeup at the Salon. If you aren’t near Motostoke, just open up your map and highlight the town. You’ll see a small list of key locations, which may include a Hair Salon depending on where you are.

Additionally, you can purchase new clothes in Motostoke in the shop right next to the salon. Outfits are pretty pricey, so we recommend coming back here once you have some spare cash to spend. There’s no benefit or punishment for changing your trainer’s look, so feel free to come back frequently.

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