Nessa Gym Puzzle Guide for Pokemon Sword & Shield

nessa gym mission

Screenshot by Jack Fennimore

Nessa’s Gym Mission in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield is a puzzle-based one.

The ordering is a bit tricky, but with this handy guide you’ll be facing off against Nessa in no time.

The Gym Mission has you pressing buttons to make waterfalls turn on and off. Each waterfall is color coded. If you press a red button, for instance, then the waterfall over a red platform will move to another red platform.

The Gym Mission may look like one massive area, but it’s really divided up into three sets of puzzles. And as bite-sized chunks, they’re not too hard to figure out.

For the first set, hit the red button, hit the yellow button and then hit the red button again.

The second set is a little trickier. Go past the Gym Trainer and hit the yellow button. Make sure the red waterfall on your level isn’t on. Hook around to the red button and hit it. The pass through.

The third set introduces the blue buttons. Before you do anything, go down the stairs from the Gym Trainer and hit the yellow button. Then go back up and hit the red button past the blue platform. Hit the blue button to the right. Go to the right and that’s it. You can head back out to heal your team or continue on to fight Nessa. However, if you want to exit the stadium, you have to start the Gym Mission all over again.

For Nessa’s battle be sure to bring a grass-type Pokemon as all of her Pokemon are weak to grass-type attacks, especially her Drednaw. You can also bring electric-type Pokemon as well.

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