How to Beat the Ninth Sister in Jedi Fallen Order

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Ninth Sister

Congratulations, you have put together your double-bladed lightsaber, now it’s time to test it out on something! Right after you scale the massive tree on Kashyyyk in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, you’ll be forced to fight the inquisitor known as the Ninth Sister. This boss is one of the first, truly difficult opponents you will come across. She will require you to not only master parrying, but how to use your force powers to provide an opening. Sadly, while the double-bladed lightsaber is awesome, you will want to use the single-bladed version. This is because the single blade deals more damage, making it better for single targets.

How to Beat the Ninth Sister

The Ninth Sister has a rather diverse set of moves, making her the toughest foe you’ve come across so far. She likes to get in close with a blockable three-hit combo that deals hefty damage if it hits. This sister also starts off with three unblockable attacks, the first being a horizontal slash you can roll under. Her second unblockable has her spin the lightsaber in front and behind her, making it difficult to punish. Finally, the third unblockable is a jump attack that has her pierce the ground with her lightsaber. Of the three, this is the easiest to counter and land some extra hits.

When the fight starts, you want to get close to the sister and play defensively. Block her three-hit combo and then quickly launch one of your own. Your goal is to deplete her stamina meter, as that will break her guard giving you three free hits. This stamina meter is the white bar that hovers over her head during the battle.

Typically after you land a hit, she will follow up with one of her three unblockables. You can either use Slow to get out of the way or roll under it. However, if she leaps into the air, roll out of the way, use Slow, and then roll back in to land a free hit. Keep this rhythm up of blocking her three-hit combo, countering, and punishing her unblockables until she little over a quarter of her health

This will trigger a cutscene where she activates the other side of her double-bladed lightsaber. She will also gain a few new moves including an unblockable stab attack, unblockable charge, force push, force pull, throwing her lightsaber in an arc, blockable jump attack, and a few new standard attacks. You will also be occasionally thrown into a button-mashing fight, that lets you get a few extra hits in if you win.

After the cutscene, back away and switch strategies. Let her go on the offense and wait until the inquisitor launches an unblockable attack. These will be your opportunities to punish her and either damage her stamina or health bar. The best one to counter is her charge, as you can stun her out of it with a force push. As soon as she staggers, roll forward and strike at the Ninth Sister. Once you get the timing down, you should get a free hit every time she charges towards you.

You can also punish her unblockable stab since using Force Slow opens up her side and back for you to strike. If you focus solely on striking right after her unblockable attacks then you can safely whittle away her health bar. It’s much better to play it safe when fighting the Ninth Sister, as her double-bladed lightsaber makes it difficult to track her movements and know when to parry.

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