All Possible Fossil Combos in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield Fossil Combos


Way back in Generation 1 of the Pokemon series, players would come across a fossil and have the option to turn it into an Omastar or Kabuto.

In Sword and Shield, players don’t have a whole fossil to find but instead will find fragments of them which will then have to be combined to create a Pokemon.

It’s an interesting switch to the traditional formula that gives players some extra steps to bring Pokemon back from extinction.

There are four different types of fossil fragments for players to collect: Bird, Fish, Drake and Dino. With these different fossils, there are four possible combinations you can mix together to create a Pokemon.

Now that you know the types of fossils, let’s get into what combo makes what Pokemon.

All Fossil Combinations in Sword & Shield

Fossil Combos Pokemon Sword and Shield (1)

Here’s a look at the four possible fossil combos in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Here’s a look at all of the fossil combos in Sword and Shield.

  • Bird + Dino = Arctozolt
  • Fish + Drake = Dracovish
  • Bird + Drake = Dracozolt
  • Fish + Dino = Arctovish

This means you’ll have more than just two to choose from, but you’ll need to gather them all if you’re ever hoping to fill out your entire Pokedex. To combine them, you’ll need to take the fragments to Cara Liss on Route 6.

You’ll be able to get every combination of fossils in a single game so you won’t have to worry about finding a friend or having to pick up both versions of the game. Sword players will gain access to the Bird and Dino fossils easier, while Shield will get the Fish and Drake ones.

However, once you reach the Bridge Field area, you’ll be able to use the two digging brothers to uncover the ones you don’t have.

It might take some time for them to find what you want, but rest assured, they will get the job done. Good luck resurrecting these four rare Pokemon!

Pokemon Sword and Shield are out now exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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