Sea of Thieves The Seabound Soul Update Arrives Next Week

Sea of Thieves The Seabound Souls

A new update for developer Rare’s pirate adventure game, Sea of Thieves, was announced earlier today. Revealed during the Inside Xbox stream, The Seabound Soul is the latest free DLC that aims to expand upon the lore and mechanics of Sea of Thieves. Available November 20 for Xbox One and PC, this update will be free to all users regardless of where they are in the game.

In The Seabound Soul, players will join the ghost, Captain Pendragon in his hunt for the mysterious ship, Ashen Dragon. This will be a lore-based DLC that will expand upon the world and even introduce a new weapon, firebombs. An explosive ammo type, it can either load this into cannons or manually toss it at foes. While we suspect this weapon will be useless against sea monsters, setting a ship ablaze is a great way to induce chaos. Firebombs will be available for both Adventure and the PvP Arena mode.

Along with The Seabound Soul, Rare also introduced a new IP called Everwild. Very little is known about this upcoming title and Rare did not give any hint of a release date. However, we did get a gorgeous trailer showcasing the art style and world. It’s clear that Rare is drawing inspiration from games such as Breath of the Wild.

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