Where to Get the Soothe Bell in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Pokemon Sword & Shield Soothe Bell

As you make your way through Pokemon Sword & Shield you’ll come across a variety of unique items and gadgets. One of these is the Soothe Bell, which will raise the happiness of any Pokemon who is wearing it. Since certain Pokemon need a higher happiness level to evolve, the Soothe Bell is an item you won’t want to miss! Thankfully, obtaining it is quite easy and it doesn’t require any real effort to obtain it.

You can find the Soothe Bell in Hammerlocke, which is the town right after you finish the third gym. When you arrive head towards the castle entrance and you’ll see a house with a sign on the right. This is the only house that’s directly across from the Pokemon Center at the crossroads, so it’s pretty hard to miss

Go inside this building and speak to the young girl in the back corner by the television. She will give you the Soothe Bell once the dialogue exchange is over. This item will be put in your Bag and can be freely equipped to any Pokemon that isn’t already holding an item. Remember to throw this on Pokemon like Snom, as it will need to have a Happiness of 220 to evolve! We recommend talking to everyone when you enter a new town since it seems as if the villagers are always giving away useful items.

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