Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Release Date for Terry Bogard

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s DLC character efforts are still enjoying quite the hot streak. Masahiro Sakurai, the game’s highly lauded director, held a special live stream today (Wednesday, November 6) that delved into the next series combatant – SNK Fatal Fury’s Terry Bogard. After giving a history lesson about SNK and its NEOGEO arcade platform, Sakurai detailed Terry’s game history and his Super Smash Bros. Ultimate moveset.

Terry comes with his signature normal’s and special maneuvers from years of fighting game expertise. As a “shoto,” Terry always faces his one-on-one opponent while battling on a flat battlefield. Terry’s B-based abilities come in the form of his “Power Wave,” “Burning Knuckle,” “Crack Shoot,” and “Rising Tackle,” and “Power Dunk.” A weaker and stronger version of each move can be utilized, which gives Terry one of the deeper playstyles in the game.

In a cool nod to the games he originates from, Terry’s special moves can be pulled off via traditional move inputs. Canceling special moves is also possible with Fatal Fury’s main protagonist. Terry’s “Final Smash” is a combination of “Triple Geyser,” “Power Dunk” and “Buster Wolf.” Once Terry sustains high damage, a “Go” icon pops up near his name and gives him access to super special moves with traditional move inputs.

As far as Terry’s stage goes, he’ll be coming with the “King of Fighters Stadium.” Stage cameos from 20 other SNK fighting game characters can be seen while you do battle. The outer barriers of the stadium can be broken through after smashing your opponent through it enough times. When it comes to Terry’s song selection, 50 tracks from the entire SNK library have been chosen for inclusion.

New Mii fighters have also been included – Samurai Shodown’s Nakoruru, Art of Fighting’s Ryo, The King of Fighters Iori, and Virtua Fighter’s Akira & Jacky. Terry Bogard, the game’s Version 6.0 update and all of those brand new Mii fighter costumes are all available as of today (Wednesday, November 6).

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