5 Best Switch Game Black Friday Deals


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We’ve found some absolutely killer Nintendo Black Friday deals you need to take a look at. With 30 percent off, all the games on this list are just $39.99. Time to stock up on the must-have games? I think so!

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Nintendo Switch Black Friday Price

First things first, don't get your hopes up. Consoles cost a lot of money to produce, and retailers generally don't make much of a profit per console sold. The money actually comes from the video games sold alongside the console. 

So while a slight price-drop is possible, don't expect anything too magnificent. Maybe $10 tops. 

At the time of writing, both the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite sit at their regular prices. If that changes, we'll be sure to update this page, so be sure to bookmark if, like me, you love saving money this close to Christmas. 

Nintendo Switch Lite Black Friday

As mentioned above, consoles don't make a retailer much when it comes to profit. That's what games are for. But to be able to sell games, you need the person to buy the console in the first place, so most retailers sell the console in order to sell the games. 

It's kind of a circle like that. 

So, what's the current Nintendo Switch Black Friday price? As of writing, there's not been a real change in price. The Nintendo Switch Lite is still around the $200 mark, which, as a happy Switch Lite user, is worth every penny if you ask me. 

Should that price change over Black Friday, we'll be sure to let you know asap. 

Nintendo Black Friday

It's hard to predict what will and won't be featured. We could guess, but the best advice I have for everyone is either take advantage of the Nintendo Black Friday deals on this list before they sell out. 

You could wait until Black Friday proper, but that's always a gamble. 

As I mentioned above, if you are waiting until the big bargain day, be sure to bookmark this page so you can check back in later on in the week. I'll be here covering all the greatest Black Friday deals all week so expect plenty of updates as and when new deals go live.

Black Friday Nintendo Switch Controller Deals

Believe it or not, there are actually a few great Black Friday Nintendo Switch controller deals going on right now. Shocking, I know!

You can save over 10 bucks on the official Nintendo Switch Joy-Con two-pack, which is a killer deal if you ask me. 

Then there's this really cute Pikachu Colors Switch Controller for 30 percent off. 

And lastly, my personal pick, the Power A Switch Pro Controller with 25 percent off.

I've heard a lot of good things about Power A. Their controllers are more clicky than the official equivalents, but still work really well. Plus, you know, who doesn't love saving money? 

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