How to Beat the To The Top Challenge in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 To The Top Challenge Garden of Salvation

With the final assault from the Vex underway, there’s another Destiny 2 challenge offered in the Garden of Salvation raid. Called “To The Top,” this challenge focuses on the third encounter. Keep in mind, if you miss this challenge you will need to wait another three weeks before it becomes available again. If you’re going for the Enlightened title, then make sure to complete this challenge so you won’t be time-locked until it’s available again.

To complete this challenge, you will need to deposit 10 motes at a time to summon the boss for DPS. You cannot deposit less than 10 motes each time, otherwise, you will fail. This is actually quite easy when compared to last week’s challenge which was far more involved. When the encounter starts, break into teams of three and designate an order for who collects the motes. If you are the third person to grab 10 motes, skip the minotaur and run to the deposit tower. You will still have the Enlightened buff from summoning the boss, enabling you to take out the shielded Goblins.

While that person defends the tower, one of the remaining two mote collectors should grab ten motes. As soon as they get ten motes, rush down the hall and relieve the third person from defending. Now just have the second person in the team grab ten motes and go relieve the first person from killing enemies. Do the same with the third Guardian grabbing ten motes and depositing them to summon the boss.

Now go to damage and do everything exactly as you normally would. If you can one phase the boss then you will have completed the challenge. However, if you’re not confident in your damage, have the first person who deposits motes follow the Consecrated Mind as he flies down the hallway. Ideally, this person should have either a Tractor Cannon or Divinity to debuff the boss for the rest of the fireteam.

Following the boss will give this person extra time to kill the Minotaur, as he is already summoned by the time everyone makes it down the hall after DPS. Having someone there, ready to kill the Minotaur and collect the motes will let you get ahead of the Goblins. We strongly recommend the mote team puts on Mobility mods to speed them up, so they can get down the hallway faster.

Consider having someone, not collecting the first 10 motes, run to the new tower with Tractor Cannon to boop the enemies away if you’re running behind on killing the Minotaurs. Once the first 10 are deposited, you should just fall back into the normal rhythm of collecting motes and banking them at the tower.

Repeat the same steps of grabbing 10 motes and depositing them until the boss is dead to complete the To The Top Challenge.

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