How to Beat the Zero To One Hundred Challenge in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Zero to One Hundred Challenge

The final raid challenge for Destiny 2’s Garden of Salvation has been unlocked and it’s a doozy. Tied to the Sanctified Mind boss fight, this challenge is called “Zero to One Hundred.” Like the other challenges, this one is on a weekly rotation, meaning if you miss it this week you’ll need to wait another four weeks before it becomes available. If you’re going for the Enlightened title, then make sure to complete this challenge so you won’t be time-locked until it’s available again.

Here’s how to beat the Zero to One Hundred challenge in Destiny 2. 

(Author’s Note: Credit to GSXRCLYDE and his fireteam for devising this strategy.)

In order to complete this challenge, you have to fill up each tower with 30 motes within a second or two of the first deposit. This means if you do not bank 30 motes at the same time then the challenge will fail and you have to restart. You can do one tower at a time, so don’t fret about invading both islands at the same time. However, the catch is you will need to have three people bank 10 motes each, otherwise, there isn’t enough time to deposit across four people before the challenge fails.

When the challenge starts, split up into three teams of two and designate an invasion order. Make sure to decide what side you are going to start with before beginning the encounter! After you clear the first wave of enemies, shoot one of the two generators on Sanctified Mind to open up a portal. Now send one team in and have them each gather 7 motes a piece and get pulled into the boss room. Once they are pulled send one person through the portal and have them grab 10 motes. Pull the person with 10 motes and have the team that has 7 a piece go in that and fill up to 10 motes each.

Bring them back to the boss room and have all three people bank 10 motes a piece to fill it up. Keep in mind, you will need to send the two people who have not invaded through the other portal right as the 7/7 mote team invades to get the last few motes they need. We strongly recommend using mob clearing supers and Heavy weapons for the invasion to ensure you can rapidly kill and collect the needed motes.

After both sides are filled with 30 motes, proceed to damage as you normally would and rebuild any platforms after DPS. Repeat this method until the boss is killed to complete the Zero to One Hundred challenge.

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