How to Get the Black Talon Catalyst in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Black Talon Catalyst

With the introduction of Season of Dawn, Destiny 2 players can venture through time to battle against the Cabal, Vex, and Fallen. Even though many will be focusing on the new loot, users shouldn’t overlook the two Exotic catalysts. The Black Talon and deadly Lord of Wolves obtained a catalyst this season, both of which rely on RNG to obtain. While the latter is obtained solely from Crucible matches, the Black Talon is a little more forgiving.

You can obtain the Black Talon catalyst as a reward for completing any activity in the game. This means it can drop at the end of Nightfalls, Strikes, Crucible, or Gambit matches. The most common occurrences, based on second-hand reports, appear to be Strikes or Nightfalls. Given the Lord of Wolves drops from Crucible as well, we suggest farming Strikes instead for this catalyst. This will increase your chances since you won’t be competing with the Lord of Wolves catalyst in the loot pool.

To Masterwork the weapon you will need to kill 350 enemies with this weapon. This will take some time since the sword is in the Heavy ammo slot, so consider running a few mods that increase your ammo count. Once the sword is Masterworked it will gain a fairly substantial damage boost to your ranged attack after you block a shot. While we don’t think this will make it a “must-have” for PvE players, it will be quite a fearsome foe in modes such as Gambit.

For all the Titans out there, consider running this sword with the Stronghold Exotic to really increase your effectiveness in battle!

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