Where to Farm Challenging Vex in Destiny 2 Season of Dawn

Destiny 2 Challenging Vex Farm

With Season of Dawn released, Destiny 2 players are tearing through all the new content available. While many will be grinding away in The Sundial, others will focus on unraveling the mystery of Saint-14. A quest given out by Osiris after you unlock The Sundial, this multi-step quest will have you traveling all across the solar system. One step of this quest – called An Impossible Tasks – requires you to kill Challenging Vex anywhere in the game.

The best place to farm Challenging Vex is on Nessus in Artifact’s Edge. When you land here, go to The Orrey Lost Sector and rush to the end of the room. There you will find several Nightmare class Vex who will award 2 points of progress per kill. If you slay all of them you will gain 10 points, which makes it faster than any other area in the game. It should take three runs of this Lost Sector to complete this step of the quest.

Additionally, you can rack up precision kills too since this Lost Sector is filled with red-bar Vex. We strongly recommend farming the Nightmare level Vex, since any orange bars will only award one point.  Once you finish killing the Vex, head back to Osiris, grab the new quest from him, and enjoy one of the new missions in Season of Dawn.

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