How to Make the Hackberry Tart in Destiny 2 The Dawning

Destiny 2 Hackberry Tart

Destiny 2’s The Dawning winter event has returned, so it’s time to bake some tasty treats for everyone’s favorite NPCs. Along with the recipes from last year’s event, Bungie has included some goodies to bake up. One of these is the Hackberry Tart which is for Calus’ favorite robot, Benedict-99. Unlike Riven or Saint-14, this one is fairly straightforward and won’t require any additional work beyond gathering the ingredients.

To make the Hackberry Tart, you will need 1 Cabal Oil, 1 Multifaceted Flavors, and 15 Essence of Dawning. Cabal Oil is extremely easy to obtain since it comes from killing Cabal anywhere in the game, regardless of what activity you’re playing. Two of the best places to farm Cabal are The Sundial and opening encounter in the Leviathan raid on Nessus. Slaying a Cabal won’t guarantee you a stack of oil, as it typically drops every 15-20 Cabal killed.

Multifaceted Flavors is a new ingredient that’s acquired by performing multi-kills on enemies. This means you have to kill over two enemies within a few seconds of one another. It doesn’t matter what weapon you use or what enemies are killed. We suggest landing on Mars and starting the first phase of Escalation Protocol. There are a ton of Hive Thrall that spawn, allowing you to quickly cut them down in groups.

Finally, Essence of Dawning is given out upon completing any activity in the game. Different activities award different amounts of essence, so don’t spend a lot of time grinding Public Events of Patrols. Instead, Crucible matches such as Team Scorch are perfect for farming this material. Once you have everything just throw it in the oven Eva gave you and hand the treat over to Benedict-99 in The Tower.

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