5 Jumanji: Epic Run Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Jumanji Epic Run

Crazy Labs

The combination of Temple Run’s addictive endless runner gameplay and the world of Jumanji is the perfect match.

Crazy Labs’ Jumanji: Epic Run is clearly proof of that bold statement. Dr. Smolder Bravestone, Franklin “Mouse” Finbar, Ruby Roundhouse and Professor Shelly Oberon are all on hand to engage in some heart-pumping treks across Jumanji’s treacherous locales. You’ll need to dodge all sorts of hungry animals, takedown thieves, collect lots of gold and run as far as possible on each of Jumanji: Epic Run’s colorful stages. We’ve navigated each part of Jumanji’s intimidating world and we’ve come back with the advice you need in order to survive its many dangers. Good luck!

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Jumanji: Epic Run:

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1. The Best Way to Navigate Each Part of a Stage Run

Jumanji Epic Run

Crazy Labs

• Each region you engage in a hectic jog through sticks to the same type of paths – a basic path that has the camera following your character, a vertical path that has your character climbing to the promised land, a chase sequence where hyenas and vultures are on your tail and one particularly fun path that lets you hop into a buggy. Navigating the basic path is pretty simple if you stick to these tips – collect as much gold as possible, swipe up/down or left/right to knock out your foes and always make sure you collect power-ups along the way.

• Keep in mind that when you jump within a lane all the way on the left or right, you can swipe twice in the other direction to quickly navigate to the farthest lane in the opposite direction. This double jump of sorts comes in handy when spotting a power-up or other collectible that needs to be picked up in the farthest lane. Even though every power-up is beneficial, the Magnet stands out as the best one since it allows you to focus on attacking enemies while gold and bags of gold are automatically collected for you. And once you activate your character’s special ability, try your hardest to collect every extra bag of gold while the carnage in front of you unfolds.

• When it comes to the climbing and buggy driving stages, two basic rules apply – when climbing, just do your best to avoid getting hit by falling debris and getting stopped by other roadblocks. And when you hop in that buggy, try to hit every green driving lane to reap the best rewards. Now when you’re in the middle of a chase sequence, you’ll need to be super nifty with your finger swiping.

• Whenever you spot a human foe with a treasure chest, just swipe over to them when they’re close to knock them out and claim their chest. When you spot a hyena with a chest over its head, jump in your lane then quickly swipe over to it to grab that chest then quickly swipe back over to your lane to stay alive. Apply that same rule to vultures with chests underneath them, but use the slide maneuver instead.

2. Focus on Completing Missions and Achievements

Jumanji Epic Run

Crazy Labs

• Every time you hop onto a stage, a new mission will pop up. And once you complete one, a new mission takes its place. Completing missions rewards you with the keys needed to earn a treasure chest, which can then be opened back at the main menu. You should always try earning as many keys as possible during a single day full of multiple runs – by the time you complete a bunch of stage runs and are about to log off, you’ll want to make sure all four chest slots are filled. These chest types are always filled with extra gold, gems, and berries, which are essential to your progress. Save your gold and berries for Special and Legendary chest purchases from time to time to earn even more of each currency type.

• Gems are pretty hard to come by. They can usually be found during stage runs, but that’s usually a pretty rare occurrence. The best way to earn gems is by fulfilling the requirements tied to achievements. Before each run, take a quick look at the list of achievements you still have yet to complete. Keep them in mind during your next set of stage playthroughs so you can complete a few of them during your journey. Gems especially come in handy when you’re looking to complete a map and earn another character for doing so.

3. Upgrading a Character’s Special Ability is Universal Across Each Costume, But Improving a Character’s Power-Up Is Not

• Now each character has access to four different costumes – Standard, Vintage, Explorer, and Mountain. The one universal upgrade for each costume is a character’s special ability, so don’t worry about spending gold on upgrading that ability for a certain costume – each costume for a certain character can utilize an improved special ability.

• As for power-up boosts, each costume has a different max upgrade rating for each of them. The costume for each character with the best power-up boosts is the Mountain costume. That final costume (and the Vintage one as well) costs a whole hell of a lot of gems to buy, so you’ll probably focus on upgrading each character’s Standard and Explore costumes more than anything else. Whenever the opportunity for you to upgrade each character’s power-up boosts and special ability pops up, put your gold and power-up upgrade tokens towards each one evenly. Having access to a collection of balanced runners with their best costumes in play is the smartest move to make.

4. Don’t Forget to Spend Your Gold and Gems on Completing Maps

• When you rack up a ton of gold thanks to your score multiplier, save it from time to time just so you’ll be able to fill in all the available spaces one each map. The cost to upgrade each section increases over time, so keep that in mind during your next stage run. You’ll always want to be certain that you play enough stage runs and earn enough gold or gems in order to fully reveal a single section on the current map you’re still trying to complete. Turn this personal mission into a daily task.

5. Rely on Video Advertisements to Save You in a Pinch and Let You Retain Your Berries

Jumanji Epic Run

Crazy Labs

• Video advertisements are utilized in two extra helpful ways. They can be used to earn free stage retries and cut the time wait needed to open a free chest. When it comes to free stage retries, never waste your berries on earning another one. Just rely on video ads and save your berries so you can use them to purchase Legendary chests instead.

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