How to Make Lavender Ribbon in Destiny 2 The Dawning

Destiny 2 Lavender Ribbon

Destiny 2’s winter event – The Dawning – has arrived and there’s a whole collection of new recipes for players to create. While you’ll be cooking up goodies for NPCs far and wide, one of these items requires a bit more work from the player. Tied to Saint-14, you will be tasked with making this Titan, the Lavender Ribbon treat. Even though baking this item is quite easy, you’ll need to go through some hoops to actually deliver the item to this Titan. There will be spoilers ahead, so if you don’t want the Saint-14 missions spoiled for you, bookmark this and come back when you’re done.

First off, to make the Lavender Ribbon you will need 1 Vex Milk, 1 Personal Touch, and 15 Essence of Dawning. Vex Milk is obtained by killing Vex anywhere in the galaxy and in any activity available. You should easily have a bunch of this ingredient if you’ve completed the new Saint-14 quest that went live today. Personal Touch is just as simple, as it’s awarded for killing enemies with a melee final blow. All you have to do is just keep punching enemies until this eventually drops. It took us about 20 enemies in a row before our first one appeared.

Essence of Dawning is awarded via completing activities and Dawning bounties given out by Eva. Different activities will offer different amounts of essence, so just hop into Team Scorch. This is activity offers 11 Essence of Dawning per completion, making it one of the fastest ways to farm this material. Once you have all the items, just throw them into your oven and voila, you now own some Lavender Ribbons.

——————-Warning Spoilers Below!——————-

Now that you have the item, where in the world do you deliver them? Well, it turns out that completing this week’s Saint-14 mission brings this noble hero back from the dead. Upon completing this mission, you will earn a cool cutscene showcasing his return. Now return to Mercury and speak with Osiris to finish the quest.

Unfortunately, it appears that Saint-14 is actually glitched right now. Once you free him, he is supposed to appear in The Tower’s hanger by the two snowball piles. However, only his shotgun is floating there, menacingly hovering in the air. We suspect this is a bug, since to progress the new Dawning quest you have to actually give the gift to Saint-14. We will update this once we have more information about this vanishing Titan.

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