5 Om Nom: Merge Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

That little green tyke that loves to munch on fruits has returned!

And in order to save the forests he frequents, he’ll need to join a group of fellow Nommies in order to eat up as many fruits as possible. In Om Nom: Merge, you’ll put your Nommies to work as they consume all sorts of delicious fruits and help you earn tons of gold coins. This new addictive idle mobile game has a ton of things going on, which can be hard to keep track of at times. With our essential tips guide, you’ll have all the help you need in order to go as far as possible in Om Nom: Merge!

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Om Nom: Merge:

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1. Place All Your Nommies on the Field and Continue to Merge Them While Doing So

Om Nom Merge

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• Your collection of hungry Nommies is always ready to chow down on whatever’s available on the current stage you’re playing on. Whenever you have a slot filled with a Nommie that’s not active, place them on the field immediately. Your other Nommies will need all the help they can get when it comes to chowing down, especially when timed bonus stages pop up from time to time.

• Even when you place all your available Nommies out on the field, you can still use them to continue merging and creating leveled up versions of themselves and completely new Nommies. So be sure to merge them as much as possible while they continue to munch. Once you create a new copy of an already unlocked Nommie or a brand new one altogether, put them to work ASAP! And by the way, every time Om Nom’s booster abilities are ready (they’re represented by the raindrop and slobbering face icons), use them ASAP as well. Those two boosters work great in conjunction with each other.

2. Focus on Spending Your Gold Coins on Upgrades

• You’ll rack up a good amount of gold coins every due to the efforts of your Nommies and through other means. Once you unlock the option to purchase upgrades that boost different aspects of your Nommies’ eating operation, you should mainly put your gold earnings towards purchasing and leveling up different upgrade types.

• From time to time, you may need to buy the last unlocked Nommie you created so you can reach the next Nommie type much quicker as you continue to merge. But spending coins on that activity should honestly be the last resort. You’ll usually get a high-level Nommie from your daily gift boxes anyways, so rely on that reward to aid you during your merging activities.

3. Make Sure You Push Your Gold Boost to its Maximum Allotted Time Limit

• Gold coins are super valuable, so you’ll always want to go out of your way to earn a whole lot more of them. The best way to do that is by doubling the number of gold coins you can earn, which is accomplished through activating the Gold Boost mechanic.

• Be sure to use the video advertisement viewing option to do so – you’re going to want to spend your hard-earned purple gems on unlocking new slots for your Nommies only. As you reach different levels of your Gold Boost, you’ll be gifted with awesome rewards. There are three gifts to unlock in total, so always make sure you receive them all by watching a bunch of video ads and reaching the maximum amount of allotted Gold Boost time.

4. Always Complete Your Daily Goals

Om Nom Merge

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• Every day you log in, you’ll be asked to complete two daily quests. These goals are usually pretty simple, so they shouldn’t be too hard to fulfill. Completing those daily quests will net you a big serving of gold coins and extra purple gems, so they’re always worth doing.

• Now when it comes to your Nature’s Gift boost selection, you should always go for those time boosters that net you extra coins per minute or an extra Gold Booster. And finally, try your hardest to at least get in one of the top five slots for daily tournaments. If you’re lucky enough to place in any of the top three positions, you’ll walk away with a huge gold coins earnings bonus!

5. Be Prepared to Watch a Whole Lot of Video Ads

Om Nom Merge

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• Video advertisements may be a bit of a chore to sit through in Om Nom: Merge, but they’re simply a necessary evil. You’ll need to do this repeatedly in order to claim all types of bonuses, like getting three times the amount of offline earnings and claiming the rewards within floating treasure chests. Prepare yourself to watch a ton of video ads to get by and you’ll have no problem claiming a ton of extra rewards and boosters that make your playthroughs even easier.

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