How to Get the Perfect Paradox (Year 3) in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Perfect Paradox

With Season of Dawn in full swing, developer Bungie has reintroduced a bunch of old weapons into the loot pool. One of these guns is the Perfect Paradox shotgun, which was a long-running favorite of the community back in Destiny 2’s first year. Available once again, users will need to complete a rather lengthy quest to earn this weapon. Thankfully, the steps aren’t that difficult, just fairly time-consuming. Here’s how to obtain the Season of Dawn version of the Perfect Paradox shotgun.

1. Grab the Quest From Osiris

Before you begin, keep in mind the quest for the Perfect Paradox is only available after you unlock The Sundial. Once this happens, return to Osiris and pick up the “Phased Through Time” quest. You can only grab one quest at a time from him, so make sure to pick up this one!

2. Defeat 3 Bosses

The first step of this quests asks you to kill three bosses. Keep in mind, Lost Sector bosses do no count, so load up a Strike and make sure to slay the foe at the end. You do not need to land the killing blow for it to count towards your progress. Other bosses that should count include the Primevils in Gambit, any raid boss, and we suspect the bosses in world activities such as Public Events or Escalation Protocol. Once you have killed three bosses, return to Osiris to progress the quest.

3. Get 100 Shotgun Kills & 25 Melee Kills

For this section, you will need to kill 100 enemies with a shotgun and 25 foes with melee kills. For this section, we suggest using the Tractor Cannon and a second shotgun of your choice. The Tractor Cannon is capable of wiping out entire waves of enemies, making it the best choice for quickly racking up kills. Now head to Mars and begin farming the first wave of Escalation Protocol. Wait until there’s a big crowd of Hive Thrall in front of you before you let loose with your shotguns.

As for melee kills, just kee punching enemies until you have 25. There isn’t a big strategy or secret method for this. Just slap around some foes until you complete this portion of the quest.

4. Complete The Pyramidion Strike & 5 Crucible, Strike, or Gambit Matches

The final step of this quest tasks you with completing The Pyramidion Strike once along with 5 Strike, Crucible, or Gambit matches. Thankfully, The Pyramidion will count towards this, so really you only have to do additional 4 activities. We suggest Crucible matches because these are certainly the fastest and it will earn you a Powerful Reward if you complete 4 Crucible matches. Be ready to deal with a lot of Linear Fusion rifles, since that’s all anyone is using right now.

After you complete this step, go talk to Osiris one last time to earn the Perfect Paradox shotgun from Osiris along with Saint-14’s Perfect Paradox. This is a mission item that will be used later, so hold onto it.

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