How to Increase Your Season Pass Rank in Halo Reach

Halo Reach Season Pass

Halo: Reach has finally arrived on PC and Xbox One, so it’s time to jump into this title’s legendary online multiplayer. Available from the start, users will largely find the same classic gameplay this title helped refine, but with a small twist. Unlike previous iterations, Halo: Reach actually features a battle pass. Tied to cosmetic rewards, ranking up this pass will earn you a variety of new armor options for your Spartan or Elite warrior. Completely free if you purchased the game, this pass boasts 100 tiers of rewards at no additional cost.

Ranking up the Halo: Reach Season Pass is quite easy as it’s entirely tied to the experience you earn in-game. After each match, you will earn XP based on a number of factors such as kills, whether you won or lost, and even the medals earned. Earning XP will increase your overall rank and earn you a Season Point. This point can then be spent to unlock your next rank, allowing you to climb up the ladder. There are no credits you can earn and items cannot be individually purchased like they previously could.

There are no challenges or special actions you need to take to rank up your Season Pass, just playing the game ranks up this new feature. Earning medals is always a bonus, as I gained quite a bit of XP from performing Double Kills, Triple Kills, and other specialty medals such as Assists. It will take some time before you reach level 100, but doing so will give you a ton of cosmetic options for your Spartan. Additionally, you will also earn different announcers for the cooperative Firefight mode that’s also available at launch.

Now get out their soldier and start showing everyone who is the best Spartan around!

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