Street Fighter V: Seth Reveal Trailer, Gill and V-Skill 2 Release Date

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition – Seth Gameplay TrailerIt’s time for Seth, the boss character from Street Fighter IV, to return and bring his kingdom of chaos to Street Fighter V: Champion Edition! A master move mimicker, Seth constantly seeks new data from the fiercest fighters in the world and has the unique ability to steal moves from an opponent. Seth takes form…2019-12-16T01:20:51.000Z

2019’s grand Capcom Cup tournament came to a close earlier this evening (December 15) and was quite the show (a Poison player ended up getting the W!).

And afterward, everyone in attendance and watching at home got a pretty hype trailer for Street Fighter V’s 40th character. Street Fighter IV’s big boss Seth is officially a part of the roster, but this time he’s gotten a gender switch-up. The move mimicker looks far more lethal this time around – female Seth has access to some new slick kicks and an EX spinning uppercut special move. Seth’s second V-Skill (“Tanden Booster”) was showcased first, which looks to be a slick dash that can quickly close the distance between her and her opponent. As for her first V-Skill (“Tanden Engine”), Seth can pull in the opponent with a vacuum-like vortex that steals one special move from her current foe.

VideoVideo related to street fighter v: seth reveal trailer, gill and v-skill 2 release date2019-12-15T20:23:47-05:00

VideoVideo related to street fighter v: seth reveal trailer, gill and v-skill 2 release date2019-12-15T20:23:47-05:00

When it comes to V-Trigger’s, the second one was put on display first. “Tanden Maneuver” brings out a controllable projectile that can keep your opponent airborne once it lands. Seth’s first V-Trigger (“Tanden Ignition”) gifts him with a teleport move that increases his combo potential exponentially. And finally, Seth’s Critical Art incorporates a second copy of Seth to pull off a big finisher that’s reminiscent of the one featured in SFIV.

Seth SFV


Seth comes with a five costume set that includes her default attire. She has access to an expectedly sexy Summer costume, a Nostalgia costume that marks the return of the male version of Seth, a Story costume and a Battle costume that mimics M. Bison’s classic gear. Seth will be available once Street Fighter V: Champion Edition launches on February 14, 2020. You can read up on her even more via Capcom Unity’s latest blog post.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition – Capcom Cup 2019 TrailerStreet Fighter V: Champion Edition is coming your way! This robust new edition includes 40 characters, 34 stages and over 200 costumes, in addition to all gameplay modes and features. In Champion Edition, fighters can battle their way through a variety of exciting single-player and multi-player modes designed for players of all skill levels. In…2019-12-16T01:22:38.000Z

In a very cool surprise, Yoshinori Ono announced that Gill, V-Skill 2 and Steet Fighter V’s latest balance patch update (more info on that here) is available for download right now. The next stage of Street Fighter V has finally kicked off in 2019 within the final month of the year, which is quite the shock.

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