How to Unlock The Sundial in Destiny 2 Season of Dawn

Destiny 2 The Sundial

With the Season of Dawn officially underway, developer Bungie has included a new Destiny 2 activity called The Sundial. This matchmade, PvE mode has players traveling through time, slaying hordes of enemies, and powerful bosses. Acting as a mix between the Vex Offensive and Menagerie, this is the biggest piece of content tied to the new Season. With new loot for players to earn and more difficulty settings releasing in the future, The Sundial will hopefully keep players active during the season’s duration.

To unlock The Sundial, you will need to complete the “A Matter of Time” quest given out by Ikora in The Tower. This quest is broken up into several parts, but they’re all generally easy steps. Here’s a list of every quest step in A Matter of Time:

  • Visit and Speak to Osiris
  • Earn 50 Sundial Components by Killing Cabal in the Tangled Shore. (3 per Solar Kill/1 per Everything Else)
  • Bank the Components
  • Collect Orbs of Light or Perform Super Kills
  • Bank Your Light
  • Interact With the Obelisk: Tangled Shore
  • Speak to Osiris
  • Complete The Sundial
  • Speak to Osiris

While this may sound like a lot, the quest only took us around 40 minutes to actually complete. For the Sundial Components, we strongly suggest using a Solar weapon as it will greatly speed up your progress. Any Solar Energy Weapon works, so break one out from your Vault and head to Sorik’s Cut. As for collecting Orbs of Light, just pick up a Masterworked weapon and grab any you generate from killing enemies. The Kingship Dock Lost Sector in Thieves’ Landing is perfect for this.

The Sundial itself is quite easy if you’re familiar with The Menagerie. Since you can never fail, no matter how poorly you do this step will eventually be completed. After that, speak to Osiris and you will unlock the new artifact along with The Sundial. Given this is the main source for the majority of rewards in Season of Dawn, we suggest unlocking this activity right away.

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