How to Unlock Armor Pieces in Halo Reach

Halo Reach Unlock Armor Pieces

Halo: Reach has finally made its way to the Master Chief Collection after years of waiting. Bringing the same core, fast-paced gameplay that fans have come to love, 343 Industries has also given the rewards system a modern twist. Previously, players earned credits that could be spent on buying cosmetic upgrades for your Spartan. This has been thrown into the bin and replaced with a battle pass that incrementally awards loot as you earn experience.

To earn armor pieces, you must spend Season Points that are earned by increasing your player rank. This is done by gaining experience during matches via kills, your general performance, and medals earned. Every rank rewards a Season Point, which is then spent to gain one level in your battle pass. You cannot pick and choose which piece of armor to unlock, so if you want a specific piece of gear you’ll need to grind through the levels.

Currently, there is no other way to gain armor pieces in Halo: Reach outside of leveling up the battle pass. Additionally, any narrators for Firefight or Elite Skins are also tied to the battle pass. Since the amount of experience increases per level, it will take a significant amount of time to obtain everything for the average player. Focus on trying to gain specific medals such as Double Kills, Assists, and other team-focused rewards. These will give you a nice XP boost at the end of each match, reliving some of the overall grind.

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