Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot: The Benefits of Hunting, Fishing, Campfires, Chefs and Chi-Chi

DBZ Kakarot Eating

Bandai Namco Entertainment, CyberConnect2

All Dragon Ball fans know that Goku and his fellow Saiyans have quite the appetite. In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, eating is essential towards keeping your characters strong and also upgrading their stats. Each of the playable Z Warriors that come into your possession over the course of the game can take advantage of all the benefits that come with consuming food.

One of the ways in which you can get your hands on some food is by hunting. As you soar through the sky, you’ll notice that there are all sorts of wild animals to take down and add to your extensive ingredients list. Those animals include certain types of dinosaurs, deer, fish, wolves, etc. Just take a look at the Bestiary section within the Z Encyclopedia to see which sorts of animals you’ve come across during your journey. Taking down smaller animals is easy enough – just hit them with a quick Ki blast to paralyze them so you can capture them in a quicker and easier fashion. Or you can just hit the ground running by dashing up to them and attacking them.

DBZ Kakarot Dinosaurs

Bandai Namco Entertainment, CyberConnect2

When it comes to acquiring dinosaur meat, the ones on the ground have to be eliminated by a quick minigame that involves you peppering a single dinosaur with Ki blasts until its life bar completely expires. The dinosaurs that are present in the sky (Pterosaurs) can get wiped out a single Ki blast, so you won’t get much of a fight from them. In order to get your hands on all sorts of fish, simply going fishing will do. Locate a fishing spot, use any items that may improve your chances of catching rare fish or acquiring more items, then get to work. If you’re looking for those types of fishing effectiveness increasing items, just purchase them from the town trader.

Once you rack up enough pieces of meat and fish, you can stop at a campfire and get to cooking on your own. Simple recipes can be cooked here, but the timed meal effect bonus and permanent status boost they provide your character are always worth it. Now if you’re looking to eat even heartier meals, just reach out to the town chef.

You’ll need to gather other ingredients besides animal meat for this function, however – just go perusing through the game’s open-world to gather fruits, vegetables, and other useful food items. Those items are represented by yellow and red orbs seen out in the open world. Purchase fishing spot and fruit tree maps from the town guide to mark all those spots on your map for the area you’re currently exploring, by the way. It’s also a good idea to purchase other types of grocery items from the town grocer from time to time. Completing side quests also nets you some pretty good ingredients as well.

DBZ Kakarot Full Course Meal

Bandai Namco Entertainment, CyberConnect2

The town chef has the ability to cook you all sorts of meals that fall into the following categories – meat, seafood, rice, and noodle dishes, plus desserts. Just be sure to have the right ingredients on hand to make those dishes a reality. Chi-Chi, Goku’s wife and the mother of Gohan has the ability to make meals and even full-course meals. Full-course meals gift characters with the best stat boosts and meal effects in the game. You’ll need to get your hands on recipes in order to unlock new full-course meals at Goku’s House – just progress through the game’s many story missions and side quests in order to do so. And keep an eye out for random NPC’s talking about recipes – they tend to gift you with one right after speaking with them.

DBZ Kakarot Meals

Bandai Namco Entertainment, CyberConnect2

Eat as much as you can so your Z Warriors can head into battle with as many stat advantages as possible. And the best way to do that is by hunting, fishing, gathering ingredients, purchasing goods from the town grocer, having the town chef cook meals for you, and allowing Chi-Chi to whip up some full-course meals.

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