Destiny 2’s Wish-Ender Bow Is Broken Once Again

Destiny 2 Wish Ender Bug

Following in Telesto’s footsteps, the Wish-Ender Exotic bow is once again overpowered following yesterday’s nerf. First revealed on Reddit, this Destiny 2 weapon is now capable of doing sixteen times its base damage, which is absolute madness. This is following a readjustment from Bungie, where the bow was initially doing four times its intended damage. While many believed this was simply a nice buff, it was revealed later to be a bug.

Now, if you shoot an arrow through a nonplayer model the arrow will deal an insane amount of damage. This includes objects such as grass, flags, and on rare occasion emotes. As long as you can fire the arrow through, the targets hit will receive this unintended damage buff. Since the arrows penetrate targets, firing it through a piece of terrain makes the arrow hit a single target multiple times. Thankfully, this is not as exploitable in end-game activities, but we suspect that Bungie will disable the weapon entirely.

Along with Wish-Ender, Bungie recently squashed a bug that allowed Titans to stack specific buffs and massacre bosses with their thrown hammers. Streamer Gladd showcased this in a variety of clips where his team decimated a variety of bosses. Bungie quickly fixed this bug since it trivialized all of the end game content.

Given Destiny 2 is no stranger to weird, unexpected glitches this one isn’t that surprising. Make sure to get your boss-slaying fun in now before it’s fixed!

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