How to Get the Devil’s Run Exotic in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Devils Run Exotic Quest

The first major Destiny 2 update for 2020 has released, so it’s time to dive in and hunt down the new Devil’s Run Exotic sidearm. The first Exotic sidearm since Rat King, Devil’s Run is a weapon that has two different firing modes. While it shoots Solar rounds by just pulling the trigger, you can hold the fire button to charge up a potent Solar beam.

If you’re looking to add this sidearm to your collection, here’s how to start and complete the Devil’s Run quest.

(Author’s Note: Since the quest just launched, we will be updating this quest in real-time as the steps are completed.)

  1. 1. Beat the Sundial (Normal or Heroic)

  2. To acquire this quest you will need you beat The Sundial activity on either normal or Legend difficulty. While the post at the start screen hints at killing Champions, this quest doesn’t actually drop from these enemies. Instead, it appeared for me when I got to the end of the activity and killed the boss. However, it could only appear if you kill a Barrier or Unstoppable Champion during the activity. Because of this, we recommend killing any of these foes that appear during the different timeline encounters.

You will then grab the Exotic quest at the end of the Sundial where you pick your weapons. Once you have this, head back to The Tower and speak to Saint-14.

2. Complete Parts Long Lost Mission

After you visit Saint-14 he will ask you to go visit the Twilight Gap in the EDZ. Load up the destination map and pick the quest in the bottom left corner of the screen. It’s Light Level 750, so you shouldn’t have any trouble beating this mission. You will need to find 10 parts scattered throughout the map. These can be found on the bodies of deceased robots.

We have a full guide showing the location of every Timelost Fragment here if you are lost. They aren’t that tricky to find, just look for the white robots that are lying against various crates and walls. Below are images for each of the fragments.

1. Fragment One

Destiny 2 Timelost Fragment

2. Fragment Two

3. Fragment Three

4. Fragment Four

5. Fragment Five

6. Fragment Six

7. Fragment Seven

8. Fragment Eight

9. Fragment Nine

10. Fragment Ten

Since there are no enemies, you can take your time hunting these down. These are scattered all throughout the map, but once you obtain them you will unlock the Devil’s Run sidearm and get some entertaining dialogue to boot!

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