Microsoft’s XBox Series X Gets Eye-Opening Review From Gaming Expert

Xbox Series X

Microsoft Xbox Series X doesn't have a definitive release date.

During the summer, Microsoft announced that they’d release their new console, XBox Series X later in 2020.

On a recent episode of the Scoop B Radio Podcast, I spoke with NARZ of Cheddar E Sports to disucuss the console that is being promoted as part of an unnamed fourth-generation of Xbox hardware.

Check out our Q&A below:

Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson: What do you know about the Xbox series X and the new Xbox?

NARZ: So the new ‘Scarlet’ is going to be coming out. There are plans to have it released in 2020. I believe Fall of 2020. No logistics have been made nothing like that, but we do already see the PlayStation is gearing up to be able to compete for it as they already patented their PlayStation 5 controller, the patent was actually leaked because of that, and it’s just the kind of aesthetic to the original PlayStation 4 controller. For right now Microsoft is super tight-knit about the Scarlett…I even don’t know any information about Scarlett. But from what I understand it’s probably going to be all cloud based. You’re not going to need a CD-ROM, you really have to press a button, you’re going to download your game, it’s going to download straight to your console, but people are saying that they are going to take the next step; they might go the sane route that Stadia is going already. They already have the foundation for that because Microsoft already has the game pass that’s available for PC and for console where you can literally pay $14.99 a month and you have access to about 300 games, and those games are accessible through the Cloud base and what they’re trying to see, we’re guessing is that they are going to do Cloud based gaming where you don’t even to have a sick a— rig or a console that has a 1 terabyte hard drive or a really good RAM, it will be a box that’s going to be able to stream in your game and it will be a seamless stream so I’m looking forward to that. I’m also looking forward to the Google Stadia that’s going to be coming out in 2020. It had a really bad launch this year, they didn’t have a lot of games they said were going to come out, like features, multi-player features, even just connecting to Stadia’s iCloud service to be to play the games selected weren’t working so, they gotta step it up!

Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson:
Say it’s 2020 already. If you had to choose between PlayStation or Xbox, are you more of a PlayStation gal or Xbox gal?

NARZ: PC Master is all the way! A lot of people keep telling me, why don’t you – I have a PlayStation 4, I have an Xbox 360. I choose to stay PC for the simple fact that the investment that I made in the PC is going to be well deserved especially since I’m a YouTuber and I record my content from the PC. A lot of the games that are coming out right now they are available on PC like Deem and Epic games and Origin…they’re all competing with all of the companies like Microsoft to offer you these games without having to go outside and buy the actual CD-ROM copy. Everything is going digital. A lot of these outlets, even you see Riot [Games Inc.] becoming multifaceted and having other games incorporated to their arsenal so, everyone’s doing it. Everyone’s going digital. There’s not going to be a need to. If you want to get a console that’s totally fine. But with Microsoft working with Sony PlayStation in the future, you’re going to see a lot of these games multifaceted. You’re going to see a lot of crosstalk capabilities. Right now Fortnite, you can play Fortnite on a PC with other people on a mobile. So it’s like it’s all going to be all online. So if you are the type of person who is going to get a console, stick with the console. If you’re comfortable with it that’s fine. But for me, I’m PC baby, all the way!

Xbox Series X release date


Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson: What are some of the other things you’re looking forward to in 2020?

I’m definitely looking forward to League of Legends World Championships Series which is going to happening in Shanghai in Fall of 2020. It’s going to be pretty fun. We’re definitely seeing a lot more action when it comes to League of Legends going global. After 2020 and 2021, they are coming back to North America we’re still not sure where it’s going to be; some say L.A., I hope they pick New York (my hometown) and pick Madison Square Garden again to hold the World Championship Series. I’m looking forward to EVO [Evolution Championship Tour 2020], we saw a lot of good new faces hanging out from the Capcom Pro Tour making some rounds. iDom a young blood who just won the Capcom Pro Tour in the series. It’ll be good to see him now with the reputation and backing from the local level the actual eSports professional scene and see how he pits against them for 2020. Also looking for new games that are coming out, Final Fantasy VII remake is coming out in March –April, you have Cyberpunk 2077 that’s also coming out which I mentioned before that’s going to be cool, Scarlett is making a sneak peek hopefully next year as well, and the Emmy’s is going to be announcing their new ESports category. So now if you’re in eSports, you can now win an Emmy which is crazy because who would’ve thought? You know?

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