PS5’s Godfall Gameplay Footage Leaks Online (Updated!)

Godfall Gameplay Trailer Leaked

Video of Counterplay Games’ upcoming PlayStation 5 and PC title, Godfall, may have just leaked online. In a video posted on Streamable, we get a brief glimpse at the world, visuals, and gameplay for this action/RPG. Keep in mind, we haven’t been able to independently verify the footage, so take the information with a grain of salt. That being said, the trailer is more than convincing and we’d be quite surprised if it was actually fake.

Update: 1/21/2020

Following the leak, Counterplay Games took to Twitter and explained that the footage circulating is actually a year old. This is why we always recommend that players take these kinds of leaks with a grain of salt.

Original Article

In the gameplay trailer, we are shown a variety of enemies, locations, and weapons. Looking like a mix of Dark Souls and God of War, Godfall’s combat appears to focus on timing. We can see the player parry or block attacks multiple times throughout the video. Some of the weapons shown off include a gorgeous looking golden spear and a variety of different swords. At the 42 second mark, the player character actually switches stances, which could indicate that players have multiple styles for specific weapons or archetypes.

While most of the footage shows a solo player, it should be noted that Godfall boasts drop-in-drop-out co-op. Even though this title is described as a “looter shooter,” we don’t get an indication of how this loot system works. However, Godfall is still a ways off from being released, so don’t expect too many details until later in the year.

Visually, Godfall looks gorgeous, as it really showcases the power of the PS5. This makes us wonder what the minimum requirements will be for running this monster on a gaming PC.

Godfall is scheduled to release in late 2020, presumably alongside the PS5.

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