When Does the Season of Dawn End in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Ending

Destiny 2’s Season of Dawn is in full swing and there’s a decent amount of weapons, armor, and content to enjoy. With only the Empyrean Foundation, Crimson Days, and one last Sundial boss left, this season is starting to wind down. Following a major community event that led to unlocking the Bastion Exotic fusion rifle, many users are looking towards the future of Destiny 2.

If you want to complete all the activities and obtain the Savior title then you have until March 11. This is the end date for Season 9 and the start date for Season 10, which currently hasn’t be unveiled. Remember, The Sundial, Obelisks, Season 9 triumphs, and Exotic quests will vanish for an undisclosed amount of time. We strongly recommend that you focus on obtaining solid rolls for the various Sundial weapons, as they are all superb guns that are worth adding to your collection.

Additionally, make sure to finish the Bastion and Devil’s Run quests that are currently available. Both of these Exotic quests are quite simple, especially the Devil’s Run which takes about 20 minutes to fully unlock. For those going for the Savior title, you still have a lot of time to work on completing the different triumphs. Just plan accordingly and you should have no trouble.

Finally, try to at least hit rank 57 in the Season Pass. This will not only unlock the Trophy Hunter, Symmetry, and Pyroclastic Flow weapons but some very high-level armor. Since Season of Dawn gear becomes unobtainable once March 11th arrives, we strongly suggest keeping this high-level set in your Vault. There’s been no word on if the Charged Light mechanic will be apart of Season 10 gear, so it’s good to have some saved before the next rotation.

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