Why Dead by Daylight’s Ruin Change is Good For The Game

Dead by Daylight Ruin Change


The big Dead by Daylight news from January 6 is that Hex: Ruin is getting a massive change.

It’s hard to call this a nerf since it’s being completely reworked, but it will be less punishing for newer survivors now.

As it currently stands, Ruin forces survivors to hit great skill checks while the totem is active if they want to progress the generator. If they hit a normal skill check, it will not progress the gen at all. Essentially, it’s a perk that is designed the slow the game down and give the killer an easier chance at controlling the beginning of the game.

Why The Ruin Change is Good

Dead by Daylight Freddy Rework

BHVRRuin is changing, but is that even bad?

With the change, Ruin will instead regress generators faster when survivors aren’t on them. They will no longer be punished for missing great skill checks, which will definitely help newer players. As a result, the game should be much more fun for survivors.

Of course, killers might not like this change a whole lot, but there are some positives here. Instead of survivors hunting down Ruin at the beginning of the game, they might not feel the need to, so it’ll stay up a lot longer.

Any killer that is able to get themselves in a 3-gen stack will absolutely dominate with Ruin up if this change goes through. When the three generators are all right next to each other, the killer can consistently push survivors off and keep them regressing the entire time.

Obviously, none of this really matters if survivors still get it cleansed in the opening minutes of the game.

For this change to be effective for players, the killers will have to do a lot more hunting and apply more pressure to survivors.

Gen-rushing has long been considered to be a problem in Dead by Daylight and Ruin was one of the only ways to prevent that.

With the change, that’s not necessarily prevented, but it can end up paying off in different ways as the game goes on.

It’s a major change but once players get used to it, it might not end up being all that bad.

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