Apex Legends New System Override Event Announced

Apex Legends New Event

A new event for Apex Legends has been revealed and it’s all about Season 4’s cyberpunk ascetic. Called “System Override,” this event will not only introduce new cosmetic items but several limited-time modes and mechanics. Set to begin on March 3, System Override will also make a rather substantial change to the Heirloom system and how players obtain them.

To start, System Override launches the Deja Loot mode, where items will always have a fixed spawn point. No matter how many times you play Deja Loot, the gear will always spawn in the same place. This makes memorizing where high-tier gear spawns crucial to your survival. You will play this mode on World’s Edge for the first week of the event and then King’s Canyon during the second week.

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Players will also get to try out a new item exclusive to Deja Loot called Evo Shields. Starting at White, these shields will actually rank up based on how much damage you’re doing. So while you may start with a White (Level 1) shield, you could end the match with a Blue (Level 2), Purple (Level 3), or the new Red (Level 4). Respawn Entertainment explained that they may implement this item into the base game depending on how it’s received by the community.

Along with Deja Loot, players can earn a variety of System Override loot via the Event Prize Track. Similar to the Grand Soire, users will complete various event-themed challenges to earn points. The more points you earn, the farther up the track you progress. Some items included are new Peacekeeper, Revenant, and Wingman skins. Additionally, there are 24 cosmetic items that can be unlocked through System Override loot boxes or Crafting Materials. If there’s a specific skin you want, we recommend you start hoarding crafting materials now.

Finally, Octane is getting his very own heirloom item that’s one half butterfly knife, one half Stim syringe. Just like previous heirloom sets, this item is given out for free if you obtain all 24 cosmetic items during System Override. After the event, it will be added to the heirloom loot pool. Speaking of, players will no longer earn specific heirlooms after opening 500 Apex Packs. Instead, you’ll earn an Heirloom Shard, which lets you pick which heirloom you receive out of the ones currently available.

Apex Legends System Override officially begins on March 3 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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