Here Are the Best Weapons in Zombie Army 4 Dead War

Zombie Army 4 Best Weapons

If you want to survive the hordes of undead in Zombie Army 4: Dead War you’ll want to use the right weapons. Excluding the DLC guns, there are ten weapons you can pick from, each of which possess their own unique upgrades and stats. Since you cannot respec your gear, making sure you select the right guns is critical. While every weapon is viable, there are a few that rise above the rest. We strongly recommend trying every weapon out in the first couple of chapters, just to get a feel for the different guns.


Honorable Mention  – Gewehr 43

Unlike the Mosin-Nagant, this is for those who are less assure they will always hit their target. Boasting a 10 round magazine and decent fire rate, you can take apart a horde in seconds with a few well-timed shots. Additionally, being able to add electric rounds further enhances this weapon’s crowd control potential. However, the Gewehr is not great against any boss or elite type units, simply because its upgrades don’t focus on high, single target damage.

Best  – Mosin-Nagant M91/30

Perhaps the best sniper rifle in the game, the Mosin-Nagant has unrivaled stopping power. While it possesses a small magazine, you are almost always guaranteed a kill if you hit a zombie in the head with this. Perfect for putting down foes quickly and accurately, the Mosin Nagant can be upgraded with a variety of attachments. Explosive Rounds are our personal favorite since this lets you quickly dispatch tougher elite enemies. Also, consider grabbing the Vampir Scope to regain lost health upon a successful Critical Hit.


Honorable Mention – MP44

Of the two machine guns, the MP44 is certainly the best choice. With high damage and a decent clip size, this machine gun is a fantastic secondary weapon. It’s great for quickly removing fast-moving enemies such as Creepers or putting down an elite that’s gotten too close. Explosive rounds ensure it can take out Armored Giants and the ability to make this gun semi-automatic, helps you drastically control the recoil. If you don’t want a shotgun, the MP44 should be your first choice.

Best – Trench Gun

There’s rarely a zombie-related issue that a shotgun cannot solve. This pump-action shotgun ensures that any zombies foolish enough to stray too close will be put down for good. Able to take down multiple foes at once, the Trench Gun is a powerhouse weapon. Its electrified barrel upgrade only enhances its crowd control effects, without compromising the weapon’s overall damage.

Additionally, if you do need to kill elite enemies, you can always turn it into a slug shotgun for greater single target damage. This shotgun’s sheer flexibility makes it a must-have for any zombie-slaying survivor.


Best – C96

Even though all of the pistols are great, the C96 turns into a flame-spewing machine gun when fully upgraded. Capable of holding a 30 round magazine, the C96 is essentially another secondary weapon if you invest your upgrade points correctly. Despite its low damage stat, the fire rounds help ramp up the killing potential. This makes it ideal for when you can only use your pistol during certain objectives.