How to Get Confectionery Hearts in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Confectionery Hearts Farm

The latest holiday event for Destiny 2 has arrived, so it’s time to start farming for sweet treats. Returning from last year, Confectionery Hearts is the new currency that allows players to purchase a variety of cosmetic items and The Vow bow. Since most of these items cannot be obtained outside of this event, it is worth at least grinding for some Confectionery Hearts during Crimson Days. Thankfully, earning this weapon is fairly simple, but it will take some time to obtain the rest of the loot offered during the event.

You can earn Confectionary Hearts in four different ways. The most common is by playing in the Crimson Doubles game mode. Winning a match will earn you 7 Confectionery Hearts while losing only nets you 5. Given how fast this mode typically finishes, you can easily rack up a ton of Confectionery Hearts from just a few hours of grinding. Another method is by finishing Shaxx’s Daily Bounties, as these reward 15 Confectionery Hearts upon completion.

The toughest, but most lucrative methods are completing the Nightfall Duos and Weekly Shaxx bounty for 75 Confectionery Hearts. This means if you are solely interested in earning The Vow, just complete a Nightfall Duos Bounty and two of Shaxx’s Daily Bounties. This will give you the 100 Confectionary Hearts needed to purchase this weapon. Unfortunately, the rest of the Crimson Days loot ranges between 12-150 Confectionery Hearts, so make sure to complete those Nightfall bounties on /every/ character, not just your main one.

Remember, the Confectionery Hearts aren’t tied to a single account, so you can complete the bounties across all three characters. This should ease your grinding, especially if you’re not a big fan of the Crimson Doubles game mode. It will still take some time, but this is the best method for farming Confectionery Hearts during Destiny 2’s Crimson Days.

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