Dead by Daylight Deathslinger: New Killer, Perks, & More

dead by daylight chains of hate gunslinger

BHVR The Deathslinger is coming.

Chapter 15 of Dead by Daylight has been unveiled which means players are now able to get their hands on a new killer and survivor.

The survivor is named Zarina Kassir, and she actually leaked a day ahead of time, along with the news that the killer is not licensed, which effectively ruled out Pinhead as an option.

With her releases comes three new perks, each looking for a way to fight their way into the current meta:

Zarina Kassir’s Perks

  • Off the Record
    • You’ve learned that a quiet approach is sometimes best.
    • Once you are unhooked or escape from the hook, Off the Record actives for 60 seconds.
    • While Off the Record is active, your aura will not be shown to The Killer and grunts of pain caused by injuries are reduced by 100%
  • Red Herring
    • You’ve noticed that people pay attention to whatever makes the loudest noise.
    • After repairing a generator for at least 3 seconds, it will be highlighted to you with a yellow aura. The generator stays highlighted until it is fully repaired, or you repair a new generator, or enter a locker.
    • Entering any locker will trigger a loud noise indicator for The Killer at the highlighted generator’s location.
    • Red Herring can only be triggered once every 100 seconds
  • For the People
      • You risk life and injury for others.
      • For the People is only active while at full health.
      • Press the Active Ability button while headling another Survivor without a med kit to instantly heal them from dying or injured, or from injured to healthy.
      • You become injured and receive the Broken status effect for 110 seconds.
      • You become the Obsession.
      • Equipping this perk decreases your overall change of being the Killer’s Obsession at the start of the trail.

In terms of killers, players can get their hands on The Deathslinger, which is what gets players most excited each season, there are also three new perks:

dead by daylight chapter 15 killer


The Deathslinger’s Perks

  • Gearhead
    • You’ve got an ear for well-oiled gears.
    • After hitting a Survivor 2 times with your basic attack, Gearhead activates for 35 seconds.
    • Each time a Survivor completes a Good or Great Skill Check while repairing, the generator will be revealed by a yellow aura for as long as it’s being repaired.
  • Dead Man’s Switch
    • You become obsessed with one Survivor.
    • After hooking the Obsession, Dead Man’s Switch activates for the next 35 seconds.
    • While activated, any survivor that stops repairing a generator before it is fully repaired causes The Entity to block the generator until DeadMan’s Switch’s effect ends.
    • Affecteds generators are highlighted by a white aura.
    • The Killer can only be obsessed with one Survivor at a time.
  • Hex: Retribution
    • A hex that lashes out upon its destruction. Those who cross you will be punished.
    • Any Survivor who cleanses a Dull Totem will suffer from the Oblivious status effect for 35 seconds.
    • If any Hex Totem is cleansed, including this one, the auras of all Survivors are revealed for 10 seconds.

Both the survivor and killer are currently playable on the PTB, which is only playable to PC. Those on console will have to wait a few weeks until the update officially hits the live servers.

However, you can easily tune into streamers to get an idea of how the killer plays, so you’ll have a good idea of how things work ahead of time.

It will take some time to see where the new killer will fall on the tier list, but it’ll certainly be interesting to keep an eye on going forward.

Dead by Daylight is out now on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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