How to Hide in Secret Passages for Fortnite Brutus’ Briefing Challenges

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Another week of Fortnite Season 2 has arrived which means a brand-new set of Brutus’ Briefing challenges are available.

This time, players are asked to use three Secret Passages in different matches, which can be quite difficult if they don’t know exactly where to go.

Luckily, we have you covered, so you won’t have to stumble around searching for any.

Here’s where you can locate the passages you’ll have to slip through. There are likely more to be found on the map, but here are three, which happens to be the number needed to complete the challenge.

Secret Passage Locations in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2

secret passage location fortnite

Epic GamesA look at the Secret Passages in Fortnite.

The interesting thing about these passages is they are disguised as seemingly normal objects, so they are very easy to miss.

There are a few different spots you can use these passages on the map, so luckily, you won’t have to compete with other players to use them all that often.

Surprisingly, the bulk of these locations aren’t actually found in the new spots like The Agency, but instead can be located at some of the more familiar spots.

1. Pleasant Park

secret passage pleasant park

Epic GamesThe Pleasant Park secret passage.

This location is just east of Pleasant Park at the Blue Steel Bridge. You’re going to be looking for an ordinary dumpster that doubles as a passageway.

All you’ll have to do is hop in and ride the wave to its exit. Alternatively, you can enter it from the other side, but this will be the least congested and safest way to get this challenge done.

2. Holly Hedges

holly hedges secret passage

Epic GamesHolly Hedges has what you need.

Holly Hedges will be the home of the next secret passage and it can be found in the northwest corner by the large tree.

Entering this dumpster will take players to an Echo hideout filled with Henchmen, so make sure you bring a weapon or two with you or else you’ll quickly be eliminated by them.

3. The Shark

the shark hidden passage

Go to The Shark for another secret passage.

On an island to the southeast of The Shark is where we’re looking for our next passage.

Once you’re on this island, you’re going to be looking for a port-o-potty instead of a dumpster. Jumping in this will take you to a nearby island, so you won’t have to be worrying about enemies taking you down here.

Right next to this is a spot where you can disguise yourself as a Henchmen in a phone booth, so get that done if you need to as well.