How Long is the Zombie Army 4 Dead War Campaign?

Zombie Army 4 How Long

In an age where some games will take you hundreds of hours to complete, it’s refreshing to have such a compact experience. Zombie Army 4: Dead War is not a title that will eat away at your schedule, but there is a decent amount of replayability for those who want to constantly enhance and upgrade their character. Boasting a full campaign, weekly challenges, and a horde mode there’s a decent amount to do in Zombie Army 4, but how long will it take you to complete everything it has to offer?

Just going through the Zombie Army 4 campaign on normal difficulty took between 10-12 hours. This was by myself, without any help from other players or increasing the number of enemies that spawn. Dead War boasts 9 missions, most of which contain 3-4 chapters each. Raising the difficulty to Hard will extend this time by a few hours, but your average playthrough will not be that long. Keep in mind, playing with four players will typically speed up the campaign, even with the extra enemies added.

However, Zombie Army 4 possesses some replayability thanks to the constant stream of upgrades, various collectibles, and mission-specific challenges. This can easily double if not triple your time. There are also tons of unlockable perks and cosmetic options for your character. Dead War boasts a Weekly Challenge which sends players back through a campaign mission, but with additional modifiers

Finally, there is a Horde mode that has four maps available at launch. This mode is fun, but fairly brief unless you’re trying to grind experience. Most of your replayability solely relies on your desire to constantly upgrade your gear and obtain new items. If none of that interests you, then you’ll have about 20-25 hours of content if you try to do everything the game has to offer.

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