How to Open Doors Locked by ID Scanners in Fortnite Season 2

Fortnite ID Scanners Vaults

There are a lot of new secrets added into Fortnite’s Chapter 2, Season 2 update. Embracing the spy genre, players can access vaults filled with high-tier loot that are hidden in specific, new locations like The Shark. However, these doors are blocked by an ID Scanner, which won’t open and cannot be broken down into materials without the proper keycard. Thankfully, players can earn these keycards, but it will take a bit of work on your end.

To open an ID Scanner door you will need a keycard that is dropped from a boss Henchmen. Found in locations such as The Rig, The Shark, The Agency, The Grotto, and The Yacht, these bosses are equipped with powerful weapons and have a much larger health pool than their associates. Because of this, you’ll want to load up on some shields and guns before facing them.

Once a boss is downed, run up to them and shake them down. This will cause them to drop not only some decent loot but a keycard tied to whatever faction they represent. Now pick up the keycard and equip it to see the vault’s location on your map. It should be close by, so don’t worry about going on a long excursion. When you arrive at the vault, either destroy or sneak past the turret to the console by the door.

Interact with it to scan your ID and open the vault! Congratulations, you now have access to a ton of free and powerful gear. Make sure to use the secret entrance to quickly exit the area before your enemies arrive and attempt to steal your goods. Keep in mind, these areas are heavily guarded so make sure you’ve killed every human player before attempting to open the vault. The last thing you want is to do all the hard work only to have the gear stolen from you by a sneaky user.

Alternatively, you can just open regular ID Scanner locked chests by downing a Henchman and carrying them to the chest. This won’t work for vaults since they require a keycard, but any random locked chest can be opened by picking up an A.I. enemy. To do this, just down them by dealing damage and run up to one when they’re down. You’ll be given a prompt to pick them up, doing so will throw the Henchman over your shoulders. Now just approach a chest and collect your loot!

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