King’s Canyon Returns For a Limited Time in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Kings Canyon Returns

The original map for Apex Legends finally returns tomorrow for a limited time! It’s been a long time since players got to drop into King’s Canyon outside of holiday events. Revealed on Twitter, this map will be available from tomorrow until February 24 for all players. After the 24th, players will be unable to play on King’s Canyon until the second half of the Ranked game mode starts. Because of this, we suggest you hop in and get some practice if you plan to climb the ranked ladder later this season.

Curiously, the short footage shown online suggests that we will be returning to the base version of King’s Canyon and not what it looks like post-Season 2. Because of this, users should expect typical locations like Cascade and Skull Town to be hot drops for the duration of the event. This will be the first time the new legend Revenant can be used on King’s Canyon. Given how verticle this map is, we expect him to be far more dangerous than he is on World’s Edge.

Remember, you only have until the 24th to play King’s Canyon. There’s no limit to how many times you can select the map and there are no additional modifiers or gimmicks activated. Hopefully, this signals that Respawn Entertainment is looking to add both maps to the game in the future, allowing players to finally pick which of the two levels they want to experience.

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