New Destiny 2 Cutscene Sets the Stage for Season 10

Destiny 2 New Cutscene Rasputin Osiris

With pretty much every event and major activity finished for Destiny 2 Season of Dawn, players assumed everything was discovered. To the community’s surprise, a new cutscene awaited users when they logged on today. Clearly setting up Season 10, this cinematic revolves around Osiris confronting the Warmind Rasputin on Mars. This may be the first hard confirmation that we will be returning to Mars, which has previously been a big suspicion of the community.

You can view the full cutscene awaiting players when they boot up Destiny 2 below.

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For the unfamiliar, Rasputin is the artificial intelligence we were helping during the Warmind DLC. At the end of this expansion, Rasputin released his own collection of Warminds that were completely under his control. This A.I. has always existed in a morally gray area, with his allegiance constantly in question. Unsurprisingly, some Guardians such as Osiris take issue with Rasputin’s behavior and demand that this A.I. picks a side.

With the Darkness ever looming closer, Season 10 could finally see Rasputin either become our ally or turn into a villain. Since little is known about what Season 10 will bring, outside of the inevitable return of Trials of the Nine, it will be intriguing to see how Bungie develops this story. My personal hope is to get either a dungeon or raid lair in Season 10 with Rasputin as the final boss. This would make the content far more impactful since many players have been hearing about Rasputin since the original game launched.

Sadly, we have to simply wait and see what Bungie has up their sleeve.

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