5 Overdrive City Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Overdrive City: Launch TrailerWelcome to a new world of cars! Celebrate your passion for cars from the factory floor to the fast lane by building, collecting, and racing over 50 cars from iconic brands! Now available on the App Store, Google Play, and the Microsoft Store: gmlft.co/overdrivecity-playtoday BUILD & COLLECT YOUR FAVORITE CARS • Manufacture famous car models…2020-02-12T20:18:55.000Z

Gameloft, one of the top mobile gaming publishers, has some expertise when it comes to racing games.

Their latest racing game venture offers players the usual button tapping/holding racing challenges, of course. But it also throws in some interesting simulation elements that make it a lot deeper than most games of its kind. That game is Overdrive City, which provides would-be gearheads with the type of experience that speaks to their innermost desires. As you manage a thriving racing career with your acquired vehicles, you’ll also be in charge of producing a “car city” full of gear production facilities and gorgeous showrooms. There’s a lot that goes into making sure your custom car wonderland is the best, which is why we’re here to offer our guidance in that particular area of expertise.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Overdrive City:

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1. Automatic Racing > Manual Racing

Overdrive City


Overdrive City’s racing segments can be played manually, but you’re much better off letting the game handle those challenges for you. Plus pushing the game speed to its maximum level will help you get through those challenges at a much quicker pace. If the vehicle you select for a particular racing competition has a higher PR rating than the recommended PR rating for the competition itself, that vehicle will easily win without your actual finger controlling input.

• You’ll have no issue making your way through various career races and racing trials if you always select a car with a high PR rating that exceeds the recommended PR rating for every challenge it’s chosen for. Through this method, you’ll regularly nab all the rewards attached to finishing in the top three rankings for a racing challenge. Your best bet is to let the game race for you and actually put your fingers to work when it comes to developing your motor city.

2. Place All Your Production Buildings Next to Each Other and Make Sure They’re Always Working

Overdrive City


• As you reach new player levels, you’ll unlock the buildings that are necessary towards producing the inventory you need in order to service other cars and develop goods for sale to your friends. Keep this in mind – leveling up leads to new buildings, which opens up new achievements full of useful rewards to earn. You’ll get the chance to build up a total of six industrial buildings – when that opportunity arrises, make sure you place all those buildings in close proximity to each other. Doing so will make it easier for you to collect all your finished materials since they’ll all be contained within one area on your map. When it comes to putting your industrial buildings to work, make sure the first five buildings are producing three copies of one item at a time.

• For the sixth industrial building, place three different items in its development slots so you’ll have even more some additional copies of a certain item in production. In order to make this happen, you should spend your cash on unlocking new production slots for your industrial buildings (the same strategy should be applied to your other item production buildings for maximum work output). Make sure your production and facility buildings are always in item development mode – while the timer ticks down during each building’s development phase, go off and complete a few races to kill some time. Or just log off the game for a few hours, then come back to a map full of finished items that are ready for collecting.

3. Alternate Between Using Your Developed Items Towards Service Requests and Vehicle Upgrades

Overdrive City


• As you produce all sorts of materials and parts, you’ll need to alternate between using them to service incoming vehicles and your car upgrading efforts. Whenever you find yourself low on keys, put your goods towards vehicle servicing so you can earn a few more. But when you find yourself with a healthy supply of keys, put your items towards increasing your favorite cars’ stats and pushing them to new tiers.

• Upgrading your cars makes it easier for them to complete tougher career races and trials, which means you’ll quickly rack up the trophies needed to enter new competitions and earn extra rewards, the Blueprints needed to unlock new vehicles, and the Research Points required to purchase additional Blueprints. So make sure you go back and forth between spending your items on car servicing and vehicle upgrading in order to progress through the game at a smoother pace.

4. Rely on Your Friends for Extra Resources

Overdrive City


• Once you unlock the option to interact with other players, be sure to visit them on a daily basis to see what goods they have for sale. Henry is a mandatory buddy of yours that will usually have materials and parts for you to acquire, so pay him a visit on the regular. The same method applies to your other friends as well.

• Don’t forget to return the favor to everyone else – once you build up your Magazine and Trading Market buildings, put up some of your items and cars for sale so your friends can acquire extra goods from you and fill up your digital pockets with more credits in the process. Logging in every day to collect your daily login rewards and watching video advertisements in order to earn extra items should also be a part of your game playing regimen in Overdrive City.

5. Keep a Close Eye on Your Personal Roads for Free Gifts

• From time to time, you’ll spot blue gift box icons moving around your personal roads. Don’t let them get away! Make sure you click on those cars that are carrying around rewards as soon as you see them in order to get your hands on extra credits, keys, and other essential goodies.

• Keep in mind that there are certain items that you can only acquire from leveling up and watching advertisements, though. Those items can be used to increase your storage or open new spaces for your developing motor city, so keep progressing normally through the game to get your hands on those other essential items.

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