Fortnite SHADOW Safe House Locations: Where To Find Them

Epic Games Miniguns are back in the meta.

The second week of Fortnite’s Brutus’ Briefing challenges asks players to find SHADOW Safe Houses, which are new spots on the map that have been added as part of the Season 2 update.

There are several different ways to get to these houses, whether it’s directly landing on them or taking a hidden passage, and all you’ll have to do is visit one of them to complete this week’s challenge.

All you have to do is step foot in one, so you won’t have to worry about surviving for very long if you didn’t bring any weapons along for the ride.

Let’s dive in and take a look at where to find the SHADOW Safe Houses in Fortnite.

1.  Holly Hedges

holly hedges shadow safe house

Epic GamesNorth of Holly Hedges you must go.

This SHADOW Safe House can be found directly north of Holly Hedges and is accessible by the dumpster in the northwest corner of the location.

Alternatively, you can drop right down on the roof and pickaxe your way in to complete this challenge. It’s heavily guarded with Henchmen, so tread carefully.

2. Pleasant Park

shadow base fortnite pleasant park

Epic GamesDon’t get confused by the dumpster.

Located on the east side of Pleasant Park, there is a port-o-potty that will teleport players to this hidden SHADOW base.

Don’t get it confused with the dumpster directly next to it as that will just be a normal hidden passage.

3. Craggy Cliffs

craggy cliffs shadow base

Epic GamesHead easy of Craggy Cliffs.

The next SHADOW Safe House can be found far north of Frenzy Farms or just west of Craggy Cliffs. This one is up on a hill that can be hard to enter.

Instead of using the front door, players can instead opt to use the dumpster that’s conveniently placed south of the building if they want a safer way of entering the base.

4. Frenzy Farm

frenzy farm shadow base

Epic GamesThis spot is crawling with Henchmen.

Directly east of Frenzy Farm is where you’ll have to be to track down this safe house. It’s heavily guarded by Henchmen and there’s a good chance you’ll be eliminated upon landing.

You’ll have to make it to the outhouse if you want to enter the base, so move fast or bring some firepower with you to survive.

5. Misty Meadows

misty meadows shadow safe house

We’re taking the water.

This SHADOW Safe House can be found north of Misty Meadows on the larger of the two islands. On the north side of that island, you’ll find the portable bathroom which will then teleport you to the safe house.

It will be dangerous to use without weapons, as many of the other passages are, so tread carefully or you could easily be taken out of the lobby by the AI Henchmen.

Those are all of the safe houses on the map that we know of, and since you’ll only need to visit one of them to complete the challenge, this will more than suffice.

We’ll see you next week for the next set of Brutus’ Briefing challenges! In the meantime, keep plugging away at that Battle Pass.