Shadowgun War Games: Hero Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

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The games we happen to be speaking of belong to Shadowgun War Games, a 5v5 mobile FPS that’s certainly a good time. Mastering the tactics that are required to dominate each mode alongside your team is essential. You’ll need to attach yourself to a hero who’s play style works best for you, which means you’ll need game-winning advice on how to get the most out of your preferred character. Shadowgun War Games’ launch roster gives you access to five launch heroes who’s skills and stats apply to traditional character archetypes. We took the time to play with each character and came away with a few tips on how to make the most of each hero’s ability suite.

Here are the top hero tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Shadowgun War Games:

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1. Slade

SLADE – HERO UNVEIL │Shadowgun War GamesPRE-REGISTER NOW AT: SLADE John Slade is without doubt the most notorious of all the Shadowguns, interstellar soldiers of fortune. A veteran of many battles, his wits and combat abilities make him the perfect soldier and a force to be reckoned with in War Games. GRENADE – Throw a grenade that damages enemies upon…2019-12-02T13:29:21.000Z

• Slade is an Assault hero with decent speed stats, but relatively low health and range stats. He’s the type of character that’s perfect for beginners since his weapons and abilities are easy to utilize. Slade works best as a mid-range attacker who’s automatic weaponry can whittle down his enemies’ health in a satisfying fashion. Whenever an enemy gets too close, fling a grenade their way.

• The same action applies when you run into two or more foes – it’s best if you damage them simultaneously with your grenade and get an assist as your friends also attempt to eliminate them. After every enemy encounter where you take damage, immediately put your Medkit to good use. You’ll always want to head into each subsequent enemy encounter with a Slade who’s close to or has full HP. Using the Medkit and picking up health pickups along the way is a great gameplan for Slade players.

2. Sara

SARA – HERO UNVEIL│Shadowgun War GamesPRE-REGISTER NOW AT: SARA Short for Sentient Android Robotic Assistant, SARA has “lived” many lives and has countless talents underneath her metal frame. Equipped with a rocket launcher and powerful support abilities, she always has her teammates’ backs. New adventure coming to Android and iOS! Jump in a whole new level of 5v5 mobile…2019-12-24T15:15:00.000Z

• Sara is a Support hero with good speed and range stats, but low health stats. She’s the type of character who should never be played by her lonesome – you’ll always want to make sure you’re next to your teammates so you can keep them alive with her abilities. During intense firefights, you’ll need to throw out your Protection Dome and Healing Blast in quick succession in order to give your friends the upper hand.

• Sara’s assault rifle comes in handy when she has to pick off her foes at a mid-range distance, but her rocket launcher is best used from a long distance. Don’t forget that you’ll need to hit an extra button when it’s time to launch a rocket, so you’ll need to make sure your target isn’t moving a whole lot before you go on the offensive.

3. Revenant

Revenant – HERO UNVEIL│Shadowgun War GamesPRE-REGISTER NOW AT: Revenant A member of an enslaved alien race, Revenant had to exchange a part of his soul in order to care for what he holds dear. This resilient cyborg full of rage and regret is now one of the most terrifying contestants War Games has to offer. Watch us live at:…2020-01-28T16:14:58.000Z

• It’s easy to see why Revenant is considered a Tank – just look at how huge the guy is! His health is extremely high, which means he can soak up a ton of damage and act as a walking shield for his allies. But of course, his speed and range stats are pretty lackluster. As soon as a match begins, activate his Inner Rage ability to give yourself an immediate offensive boost.

• Revenant is best used as a hero who gets in the face of his enemies and quickly chips away at their health with shotgun blasts. His Roar ability is best used against multiple foes, so put it to good use when two or more rival players are standing right in front of you. Revenant’s Tank toolset means he should always be out in front of his allies during multi-hero skirmishes.

4. Willow

WILLOW – HERO UNVEIL│Shadowgun War GamesPRE-REGISTER NOW AT: WILLOW Cynical and deadly, Willow went to hell and back to become one of the galaxy's top snipers. Chances are, if she's your opponent in War Games, you'll be dead before you even see her. New adventure coming to Android and iOS! Jump in a whole new level of 5v5 mobile…2020-01-10T15:26:17.000Z

• Willow’s a master Sniper whose main weapon is best suited to long-range combat. Since she has low health, Willow is best suited as a hero who picks a safe spot (which is most likely a high one) and picks off the opposing team’s heroes from afar. But when you’re on the move with Willow, make sure you drop Flash Mines in order to aid your allies’ gameplan.

• Her speed and range stats are great, so you’ll need to do a whole lot of sticking and moving in order to keep her alive for a good while. Once you find a good spot that lets you easily pick off enemies from afar, immediately activate her Supercharge ability so you can kill your foes in fewer sniper rifle shots. When you do find yourself in a situation where you need to aid your teammates during an intense battle, switch to her submachine gun and turn on that Supercharge ability to give Willow a fighting chance.

5. Jet

Jet – HERO UNVEIL│Shadowgun War GamesPRE-REGISTER NOW AT: Jet Always on the move, always running. For Jet, time is everything… Although not the strongest of War Games contestants, Jet relies on his speed and quick thinking to outsmart his opponents instead of attacking them head-on. Watch us live at: Follow us at:

• Jet’s a super nimble Runner who has amazing speed and decent health stats, but super low range stats. He’s the type of hero that always needs to be on the move – never stay in place for more than a second as he’s incapable of taking a lot of damage.

• His Time Rift and Blink abilities are best used to quickly get him out of trouble, plus they work really well when you need a quick escape after landing a few hits and choose to leave your teammates with your enemy scraps to deal with. So when you choose to go on the move with Jet, you’ll need to strafe as much as possible during heated firefights and get in as close as possible to land good damage. Jet’s the type of character who needs to stay close to his allies at all times if he hopes to survive for long.

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