Here’s The Fastest Way to Get The Vow in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 The Vow Bow

The new Destiny 2 Crimson Days event has arrived and there’s a whole collection of goodies for players to unlock. While the majority of the items are cosmetic, one of these holiday rewards is The Vow bow. This weapon comes with Rapid Hit, Archer’s Tempo, Natural Fletching, and Polymer String, making it an especially dangerous PvP weapon. Keep in mind, there is only one role for The Vow, so if you got it last year don’t expect any new guns to grind for.

For those wanting The Vow, we strongly recommend that you complete the Nightfall bounty Shaxx is offering. This doesn’t need to be finished in Nightfall: The Ordeal, so your team shouldn’t have any issue completing a run this week. Of the three, we recommend The Insight Terminus with an Arc Singe modifier. This ensures the enemies won’t deal a ton of extra damage, while you can decimate the boss with Thunderlord, Wendigo, or any other Arc heavy weapon.

Completing this rewards 75 Confectionary Hearts, which means all you have to do it complete two Daily Bounties. Just go clear a Lost Sector with your Nightfall buddy and melee 22 enemies to get the last 25 Confectionary Hearts you need. After this, go visit Shaxx and pick up your new weapon. Given how competitive the Crimson Duos mode is, focusing on the bounties is a much faster and less stressful method of quickly obtaining Confectionary Hearts.

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